Nuclear Power Plants are Civilizations “Poison Pills” Against Disruption of Society

One of the first things the Russians did on entering Ukraine was to seize and protect the contained radioactive remains of Chernobyl from the nazi led National Guard , who they said planned to cause a worse Nuclear Disaster and blame it on the Putin. This post explains why.

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I’m sorry, but there’s no returning to the idyllic world of the days of yore. Let’s just consider the 440+ “Poison Pills” in the form of nuclear power plants that the Nuclear Power Industry has scattered around the world.

Accident Occurred At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, But ...
Accident Occurred At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant, But …

Once the cooling system on a reactor fails, within a day it will either blow up, spewing Uranium and Plutonium into the atmosphere, or it will melt out and it’s Uranium and Plutonium will get washed into the ocean, or it will melt down and inject it’s Uranium and Plutonium deep into the Earth’s crust.

Chernobyl: Was Fukushima nuclear disaster WORSE than 1986 …

As more and more plants progressively fail, the cumulative radiation in the air, land, and sea, will destroy all complex life on Earth.

With 440+ nuclear “poison pills” ready to fail along with society, that is the fate that now awaits us.

So are we going to meet the challenge and pursue our destiny to survive our species adolescence, save the planet, and become galactic explorers?

Or will we settle for our fate, and go extinct as we turn this blue jewel of a planet into a barren wasteland?

Bottom line, humanity cannot survive even a ‘limited’ nuclear war.

Destroying even a few nuclear plants and their spent fuel pools will make the entire planet doomed to eventual radioactive destruction, via poisonous radioactive heavy metal contamination of all DNA, via bioaccumulation, and biomagnification.


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