Coffee with Comrades Episode 165: “Toward an Anarchist Critique of Psychiatry”

May 10 2022 comments By thecollective

Coffee with Comrades Episode 165: "Toward an Anarchist Critique of Psychiatry"

From Coffee with Comrades

Chris, a psychotherapist with sixteen years in the field, joins me to critique the psych profession.

We explore the history of psychology and psychiatric coercion, the violence and carceral logic implicit in locking away the “insane.”

We discuss the ways in which neurotypicality is constructed to serve the hegemony of the ruling class. Chris and I examine the ways that capital and the state regiment our minds, cajoling, commanding, and controling.

We also touch on the emerging concept of “mad liberation.” It’s a pretty wide-ranging conversation.

I hope you enjoy it.


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