BIGGEST NAZI SURRENDER since WW2 IN MARIUPOL.. Admiral Olson captured?

Two images of the same Nazi. In the first posing with his paraphernalia. In the second, on the way to the hospital and jail

Unconfirmed: The Russians have captured Eric Olson, a US Navy admiral, British Colonel John Bailey and four NATO instructors in Azovstal, but there are still more hiding in the cellars
Admiral Olson is a commando operations specialist and has been decorated several times for actions of war, [5/18/2022 7:40 AM]
[ Photo ]
The media is being used extensively to hide the surrender of the Nazis in Azovstal. Claiming it is Ukraine that has ‘rescued’ the Nazi troops hidden in the steel, [5/18/2022 7:50 AM][ Video banned ]

“The Azovstal evacuation mission continues. It is run by our military and intelligence officers,” says Zelensky of the Nazis’ surrender of the Azov Battalion. We witness an absolute denial of reality. There is zero Ukrainian presence, the wounded are ferried in ambulances of the Donetsk republic, the soldiers disarmed by Donetsk and Russians and taken for questioning in local coaches.

The wife of a prominent nazi became a weeping TV star

They take the Ukrainian Nazis to European television to show pity, while they hide what they have been cultivating in Ukraine with the full protection of NATO and the European Union. Just as Nazi as the Ukrainians are those who advertise them on television

One of 10 buses with hundreds of Ukrainian Nazis from the Azov Battalion who have surrendered at the Azovstal steelworks.

New footage of the evacuation of Azov Battalion members who have surrendered in Azovstal

Yesterday the Cannes Festival began and Zelenski intervened in the opening gala.

Ayer comenzó el Festival de Cannes y Zelenski intervino en gala de inauguración. No se pierde una

The shipment of weapons to Ukraine raises concerns about diversion, in a country known to be a key location for the black market, and one of the most corrupt on earth since the western coup.. “There is a very important risk related to the proliferation of weapons in Ukraine, especially light and small caliber,” says the Flemish Peace Institute.

The amount of Western worship of the nazi Azov Battalion online is pretty amazing…from…

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