“I Saw Horrific War Crimes Committed by Azov” Back from Ukraine, Adrien Bocquet talks – ENG Subs

Tales from the Conspiratum

Adrien Bocquet, a former French commando, who was in #Ukraine with a humanitarian mission, reports on what he witnessed there: Ukrainian Neonazi fighters’ military crimes, BUCHA, racism, use of civilian infrastructure to store and fire weapons. Azov is everywhere, not just at Azovstal, and he estimates their numbers to be 20,000 when you include all the committed volunteers from all over. Russian soldiers who surrendered were tied up, then shot in the knees with a Kalashnikov and left to bleed to death, while officers were shot in the head. He has video evidence of Ukrainian war crimes. Azov shelled Ukrainian territory causing casualties, through their ineptitude and then blamed it on Russians with the full complicity of the Western media that thought it would make for more sensational reporting. His advice to volunteers who want to go “help” in Ukraine? Don’t go unless your a seasoned military person or war…

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