Support the Fight for Freedom in Kurdistan – subMedia / Stop Erdogan’s 4th Genocidal Invasion of Manbij and Tal Rifat in Rojava

original HERE via thefreeonline

Erdogan has announced a 4th invasion of Syria, specifically to destroy the multi ethnic feminist revolution in Manbij, and the Kurdish enclave at Tal Rifat where tens of thousands of refugees from his invasion and occupation of Afrin are still camped out.

While the world is scandalised that Russia invaded Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians, Erdogan gets a free hand for MORE imperialist genocide, taking advantageb of the US needing him to sign for NATO expansion

The US gave Erdogan free rein to flood Rojava with his fast growing mercenary army of jihadi Syrian militias, including many ISIS and Al Qaeda and militias now holed up in Idlib. Erdogan is paying the terrorists 500 Turkish dollars a month and offering loot, land and power destroying Rojava. Especially evil is the promise to destroy the unique womens’ liberation movement, returning women to semi slavery under medieval jihadi rule and implicitly offering his terrorist mercenaries the right to kidnap, rape and torture the heroic YPJ womens defense militia, part of the SDF multiethnic army, as is already happening in Afrin.
original HERE

Author: thefreeonline

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One thought on “Support the Fight for Freedom in Kurdistan – subMedia / Stop Erdogan’s 4th Genocidal Invasion of Manbij and Tal Rifat in Rojava”

  1. Sadly, the Kurdish fighters in Syria allied themselves to NATO against the al-Assad regime which; NATO of course, deserted them through Trump when it suited them. Hopefully one day Kurdistan will be free but not by allying itself with the world’s main and most aggressive military alliance.


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