Mass funerals as Terrorist Turkey shells towns and refugees before new Rojava invasion.

“The world community must fulfill its political and moral duty”

ANF QAMISHLO Thursday, Jul 7 2022, 14:03 via thefreeonline

Apparently, the possibility of a large-scale Turkish attack in northern and eastern Syria is getting closer. After the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, the Kongreya Star women’s movement now calls on the global public, reminding them that the defense forces of North and East Syria saved the world from “Islamic State (ISIS)”.

4 victims of Turkish terror were buried in massive funerals in Kobane, Rojava, AANES, Syria.

Rîhan Temo warned at a press conference of the Kongreya Star coordination in Qamishlo about the next attack and Turkey’s ambitions to occupy a large part of the self-governing areas.

Tel Rifaat town in the SDF defended enclave the Shehba Canton, where 170 thousand trapped refugees from Turkey’s genocide in Afrin await an announced new Turkish invadasion, and dozens of Turkish paid jihadi militias of the SNA gather on the border to loot, kill, destroy and rape again. Turkey has the okay from NATO to carry out this new crime against humanity, in exchange for lifting its veto on Finland and Sweden joining the military siege of Russia.
“Turkey acts in dependence on the US”

Temo criticized the United States in particular, saying: “Turkey’s foreign and domestic policy preparations depend to a large extent on the United States. The Turkish state wants to attack the region, especially with a view to the presidential elections next year, in order to expel the populations of the region, destroy stability, change the demographic structure and mobilize ISIS cells again.”

“There is a threat of genocide”

Temo went on to criticize the international “guarantor powers” of the ceasefire, first and foremost Russia and the US: “They act as if they have no responsibility, they only make political and diplomatic statements and protect Turkey. All states know that the Northern and Eastern Syrian forces are protecting their territories from terror and have not posed a threat to Turkey’s security for a single day. The people of Northern and Eastern Syria are facing genocide.”

The coordination of the women’s movement Kongra Star in Qamishlo calls on the international community to act in the face of Turkish threats of attack, stating that the airspace over the region must be closed immediately.

(Meaning that Russia should close the airspace to the Turkish Air Force based at NATO ‘s Incirlic base. Airpower granted by Russia was key to the genocidal Turkish takeover of Afrin in 2018).

“Stop the Ottoman Threat”

Rîhan Temo stated that the already occupied areas are safe havens for ISIS. Kongra Star’s representative appealed to international powers to stop the “Ottoman threat from AKP”. Temo pointed out the responsibility of the international community and called for the closure of airspace: “World citizens must fulfill their political and moral duty and protect those who saved the world from ISIS.”

Thousands of people joined a demonstration in Tel Rifaat town of the Shehba Canton on Sunday 10th Nov 2019 in protest at the Turkish state’s invasion and genocidal practices in northern Syria. 40% of the population of Efrin (Afrin) now survive in a semi no-man’s land, defended by the multi-ethnic SDF of AANES, after expulsion by the Turkish invasion, plantation and Turkification of their homes and properties

Four martyrs buried in Kobanê and Manbij

Ferman Kobanê and Şervan Kobanê fell at Deir ez-Zor and Ain Issa.

ANF ​​EDITORIAL Friday, 8 Jul. 2022, 09:49manbij-36623

YPJ soldier with freed girl after the epic battle to free Manbij from ISIS… Illustrating the inspiring change from medieval Sharia law to democracy and anarcha-feminism.

Two mass funerals took place in Manbij and Kobanê. SDF fighters Ferman Kobanê (Şêx Mihemed Şêxo) and Şervan Kobanê (Şervan Mistefa) were buried in Kobanê. Ferman Kobanê fell in a Turkish attack on the village of al-Hoshan (Hoşan), near Ain Issa, while Şervan Kobanê fell near Deir ez-Zor.

The two martyrs were buried in the Şehîd Dicle cemetery in Kobanê.

Fighter Faysal Şewax and an unidentified fighter from Suwar Idlib were buried in Manbij.

“Everyone must be prepared to defend our land”

Both ceremonies were attended by countless people. In Kobanê, Arif Bali, co-chair of the environment department of the Euphrates region administration, called for resistance: “Everyone must be ready to apply the principle of revolutionary people’s war, to organize against threats and attacks by the Turkish occupation and to support our military defense forces.

Macîda Hasûn, from the coordination of the Kongra Star women’s movement in the Euphrates region, expressed her condolences to the relatives of the fallen, saying “Just as the martyrs of the Kobanê resistance promised to liberate Kobanê and fulfilled their promise, we will fulfill ours to the martyrs”.

“We will end this injustice”

Underlining the Turkish threat to the region, Manbij Legislative Council Co-Chairman Mihemed Ali al-Abo said: “We are living in difficult times. These days political changes and shifts are taking place. The Turkish occupying state has amplified the threat in the region. The occupiers are trying to destroy security in the region.”

Turkish Terrorist Artillery attacks continue in northern Syria

Large areas in northern Syria, including the regions around al-Bab, Manbij, Shehba canton and Afrin, were again shelled by artillery fire.

The Turkish troops massacre the cattle belonging to the population.

In Manbij, people shouldered the coffins of the martyrs and marched to the cemetery. A Suwar Idlib spokesman said: “We promise our martyrs that we will follow their path until the occupied territories are liberated and the Turkish occupation and terrorist organizations are driven from our land. We promise our people that we will not stop until this injustice ends.” “.

As Turkish threats of attack become increasingly severe, heavy artillery strikes continue in the autonomous areas in northern and eastern Syria, and armed drones fly over the region.

On Wednesday, the villages of Umm al-Hoş and Hazin in Shehba canton were attacked. Many animals belonging to the population were killed in the attacks on Umm al-Hoş, and several shells hit fields in Hazin.

Afrin’s Shera district was also hit by ongoing attacks. The invading forces bombarded the villages of al-Anab, Minix, Taana, al-Anab, Nêrebiyê, Belûniyê, Semoqa, Medyûnê and Jabal al-Naif, as well as the area around the Shehba dam.

At the same time, the villages of Merenaz, Malîkiyê (also al-Malikiya) and Shewarxa were attacked.

The region between al-Bab and Manbij was also targeted by the attackers. The village of Mohsanli near Manbij and the village of Biwêhîc near al-Bab were attacked by Turkish artillery.

On Tuesday alone, two sisters were injured by Turkish artillery fire in the village of Bênê. In the last four days, at least two civilians have died under Turkish artillery fire.

Erdogan has already taken over Afrin, Al Bab, Azaz, Jarablus and much of Idlib and has openly boasted he will conquer all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire … At home he has gained total dictatorial control, /destroyed Kurdish areas killing thousands and ordered the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people on suspicion.

Turkish forces and mercenaries kidnapped 45 people in Afrin in June

ANF AFRIN thursday, 7 jul. 2022

According to a report released by the Afrin Human Rights Organization, the invading Turkish state forces abducted at least 45 people in Afrin in the month of June.

The Human Rights Organization-Afrin denounced the crimes committed last month by the Turkish state, which occupied the city in March 2018.

At least 45 people were kidnapped last month and more than 900 trees were cut down for sale, according to the report.

The report also reflected that,

-The Turkish intelligence service (MIT), the groups Al-Hamzat, Faylaq Al-Sham and the Military Police kidnapped 14 citizens in the Jindires district of Afrin canton.

-Jabhat Al-Shamiya, Amshat, undercover policemen and the Military Police kidnapped 11 citizens, one of whom was a woman, in the districts of Şiyê, Şêrawa, Bilbilê and Mebata without any justification.

-Faylaq Al-Sham, the Military Police and Political Security groups kidnapped 13 citizens in the Şêrawa district.

-MIT, Ahrar al-Sharqiya and Military Police abducted 7 people in the center of the occupied district of Afrin Canton and Rajo.

The report also revealed that the invading Turkish state forces cut down more than 900 trees, mostly olive and pomegranate trees, in Afrin canton to sell firewood and plunder nature.

In the first six months of the year, the invading Turkish state kidnapped 346 citizens, 30 of whom were women, and killed 18 citizens.

On the other hand, 8,500 trees were cut down, more than 100 trees were burned, and dozens of hectares of forests and fields were burned.


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