Protests, outrage in Mexico after burning activist alive

via feministcurrent By Al Mayadeen Source: Agencies 22 Jul 2022 via thefreeonline

Although Luz Raquel Padilla was under protective measures, she was doused in alcohol before being burned alive.

According to Mexican authorities on Thursday, a Mexican activist and mother of an autistic child died after being set on fire, which ignited protests, condemnation, and demands for justice.

35-year-old Luz Raquel Padilla was doused in alcohol by a woman and 3 men and then blazed in fire at a park in Zapopan, Jalisco state, according to prosecutor Luis Joaquin Mendez, citing sources. 

Padilla, who is part of a caregivers’ rights group “I take care of Mexico,” died after suffering burns on 90% of her body on Tuesday, according to authorities. The case is being looked into as possible femicide. 

Sergio Ismael “N”, one of Padilla’s neighbors, was arrested for causing injuries, making threats, and crimes against a person’s dignity in connection with previous incidents, according to Mendez.

Disability rights activist in Mexico dies after being set on fire |

Ismael has not been charged with femicide until now, and, according to witnesses, he was not present at the time of Saturday’s attack, according to prosecutors. 

In May, Padilla had accused Ismael of threatening her and writing graffiti with messages saying “I’m going to burn you alive” on her residential building’s walls. 

“How long am I going to have to live in fear that something could happen to me and my family,” she wrote.

Padilla complained on social media about her neighbor’s behavior: listening to loud music, for instance, which she said affected her son’s health. 

On Thursday, dozens of women held demonstrations in front of the Zapopan police station, accusing authorities of inaction and indifference. 

Translation> Until when am I going to have to live in fearthat something might happen to me and my family and my aggressor is still wandering around the city with the danger of continuing to hurt

“Justice for Luz and justice for her son!” demanded Guadalupe Ortega, 62, a member of the Insurgent Women’s Network, a group of caregivers for people with special needs, arguing that Mexican authorities need to be “more sensitive” to the struggle of women, such as Padilla, and their grieving relatives. 

“Yesterday everyone was devastated by the pain of losing Luz and the governor (of Jalisco) was celebrating a birthday,” Ortega said.

An average of 10 women are murdered daily in Mexico, according to official figures.

Translation> Neighbors and neighbors of #LuzRaquelPadilla demonstrated a few moments ago right in the place where she was burned, in Arcos de Zapopan.

“We condemn the murder of care activist Luz Raquel Padilla in Jalisco, as well as any form of violence against people who defend women’s human rights and fight against gender-based violence,” UN Women Mexico wrote on Twitter.

The murder of Padilla came even though she was living under protection measures. 

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the case springs from a “loss of values” that “was promoted in the neoliberal period,” referring to the time before he took office.

Justicia para Luz Raquel: Activistas denuncian revictimización de la …

“It’s a dehumanizing model that produces hatred, grudges and frustration,” he added.

More than 150 journalists have been murdered since 2000 in Mexico, with only a fraction of the crimes resulting in convictions.

The victims are often reporters working for local media in states riven by drug cartel-related violence and US arms flow.

According to the human rights organization Articulo 19, seven journalists were killed in Mexico in 2021, the highest number in the world, with 33 journalists slain in the previous three years.


Iniciativa Mesoamericana de Mujeres Defensoras de Derechos Humanos

#AlertaDefensoras Alerta Defensoras MX México

Red Nacional de Defensoras de DDHH en México (RNDDHM)

Luz Raquel Padilla Gutiérrez, a member of the Yo Cuido México collective, was attacked in a public park in the Arcos neighborhood of Zapopan, Jalisco, on Sunday, July 17, when she was sprayed with alcohol and set on fire.

After being hospitalized, the human rights defender died last Tuesday, July 19, due to third-degree burns on more than 80% of her body.

Through her posts on social networks, the defender evidenced the constant death threats against her. Weeks before, she had even survived an attack with industrial-use chlorine in the chest area, an attack for which she filed a complaint with the Zapopan police station without receiving due attention or follow-up.

As a result of the threats and violence she received, Luz also requested to be integrated into the “Pulso de vida” mechanism, which allows the delivery of a device with geolocation to request the presence of the police, however, admission to it was denied when considering that the threats she received from third parties were insufficient to be a beneficiary.

Luz Raquel Padilla, primary caregiver for her 11-year-old son diagnosed with severe autism, was an activist for the rights of caregivers and people with disabilities.

Her son’s situation made her get involved in various spaces and movements focused on accompanying vulnerable women and childhoods with multiple disabilities, where she not only found resilience but also collaborated by weaving support networks with caring mothers for the care of raising children. with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and multiple disabilities.

In the group Yo Cuido México and in the civil association Familias y Retos Extraordinarios “Welcome to Holland”, Luz actively participated in the search for the visibility of care as work and as a right based on the co-responsibility of the family, society, market and State. .

The caregivers and defenders of the rights of people with disabilities face a context of enormous violence due to their work, in response to this, the collective Yo Cuido México pointed out on social networks that “Luz Raquel is not the only mother and caregiver who has received threats associated discrimination and ignorance manifested against persons with disabilities”.

From the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico and IM-Defensoras we repudiate and condemn the femicide of human rights defender Luz Raquel Padilla.

We demand that the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco carry out an expeditious, comprehensive investigation with a gender perspective into the murder of the defender and that it guarantee the necessary measures of reparation and protection for her family.

We also remember that it is the obligation of the authorities to provide protection and assistance by applying effective measures to protect women who report gender-based violence.

Finally, we call on the international community to stand in solidarity with the family of Raquel Padilla, speaking out immediately in the face of this fact, denouncing and demanding justice.


Iniciativa Mesoamericana de Mujeres Defensoras de Derechos Humanos


Alert Women Defenders

25 July 2022

Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders


[WHRD Alert] MEXICO / Defender Brenda Jazmín Beltrán, from the Guerreras Buscadoras collective of Cajeme, Sonora, has been murdered.

According to information from the Sonora State Attorney General’s Office, defender Brenda Jazmín Beltrán Jaime was located last Sunday, July 17, with clear indications of having been murdered.

Brenda Jazmín Beltrán Jaime, who was looking for her brother Luis Heraldo Beltrán Jaime, missing since November 1, 2018, was […]

25 July 2022


Brenda Jazmín was tortured and murdered in a motel in Sonora; she was looking for her missing brother

The Prosecutor’s Office detailed so far the main line of investigation

Brenda Jazmín entró acompañada al motel, el personal del lugar indicó llegó con una persona en un vehículo
Brenda Jazmín entró acompañada al motel, el personal del lugar indicó llegó con una persona en un vehículo Créditos: Especial

michelle galaviz NATIONAL · 7/21/2022

Brenda Jazmín entered the motel accompanied, the staff of the place indicated that she arrived with a person in a vehicle

Brenda Jazmín, a member of the Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme (Searching Women Warrior of Cajeme Collective), joins the growing list of femicides in Mexico and her death shakes the country in the face of recent cases of death from this cause.

Brenda refused to bow before the great terror of feminicides, disppearances and murders and insisted on continuing the search for her brother Luis and other victims.

The 37-year-old victim was a member of the Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme, Sonora collective and had been looking for her brother since 2018, however, the purpose of finding her relative was truncated.

Upon her death, which occurred on July 17, the Sonora State Attorney General’s Office reported that Brenda Jazmín was found dead in a motel room in Ciudad Obregón and according to the autopsy, the cause of her death was asphyxiation, although she also showed signs of torture and beatings.

Luz María had been looking for her brother for four years.

The prosecutor dependency ruled out that the femicide is related to her work in the search that she carried out together with the groups. He noted that, until now, the main line of research focuses on the personal environment.

“The main line of investigation is based on the personal environment,” the prosecution said.

Until now it is known that Brenda Jazmín entered the motel accompanied, in the first investigations it was found that the personnel of the place indicated that around 10:00 a.m. she arrived at the place with a person in a silver vehicle.

Only two hours later, a subject came out who was wearing a white shirt, black pants and a gray cap, the individual told the building workers that he would go out for a moment to do some shopping and that his partner would remain in the room. The man never returned and Brenda Jasmine was found dead.

Collective Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme demands justice The group demanded justice for the femicide of their member so that her death does not go unpunished.

“Another femicide, unfortunately, the victim was our Brenda, such a hard-working woman, we, your teammates, met you because you were looking for your brother and we knew your way of being such a noble girl and a good person.

“We do not want more statistics, we want this to stop,” the group wrote through their social networks.

Search for Luis Heraldo Beltran Jaime

Luis Heraldo Beltrán was Brenda’s brother and was last seen in Bacum, Sonora, in November 2018. The woman reported in some interviews that she would not stop looking for her brother and she would not do it at the request of her mother and her niece.

Keep reading White doves, flowers and a cry for justice: inside the last goodbye to Luz Raquel I VIDEO Palomas blancas, flores y clamor de justicia: al interior del último adiós a Luz Raquel I VIDEO

Cecilia Monzón: The alleged feminicide of the lawyer and activist is transferred to the Altiplano Prison Cecilia Monzón: Trasladan al Penal del Altiplano al presunto feminicida de la abogada y activista

Debanhi Escobar’s father asks to find the murderer: “I asked permission to come out of her

origonal en castellano grave and tell us the truth”Papá de Debanhi Escobar pide encontrar al asesino: “Le pedí permiso para que saliera de su tumba y nos dijera la verdad”

original en castellano

Brenda Jazmín fue torturada y asesinada en un motel de Sonora; buscaba a su hermano desaparecido

La Fiscalía detalló hasta ahora la principal línea de investigación se centra en el entorno personal

Michelle Galaviz

NACIONAL·21/7/2022 · 18:31 hs

Brenda Jazmín, integrante del colectivo Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme se suma a la creciente lista de feminicidios en México y su muerte estremece al país ante los recientes casos de muerte por esta causa.  

La víctima de 37 años de edad, era integrante del colectivo Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme, Sonora y buscaba a su hermano desde 2018, sin embargo, el propósito de encontrar a su familiar se vio truncado.

Sobe su deceso, ocurrido el 17 de julio, la Fiscalía General del Estado de Sonora informó que Brenda Jazmín fue localizada muerta en una habitación de un motel de Ciudad Obregón y de acuerdo a la autopsia, la causa de su muerte fue por asfixia, aunque también presentaba signos de tortura y golpes.

Luz María llevaba cuatro años buscando a su hermano 

La dependencia descartó que el feminicidio esté relacionado con su trabajo en la búsqueda que realizaba junto a los colectivos.

Acotó que, hasta ahora la principal línea de investigación se centra en el entorno personal.

Hasta ahora se sabe que Brenda Jazmín entró acompañada al motel, en las primeras investigaciones se encontró que el personal del lugar indicó que cerca de las 10:00 horas llegó al lugar con una persona en un vehículo color plateado.

Solo dos horas más tarde, salió un sujeto quien vestía camisa blanca, pantalón negro y gorra gris, el individuo comentó a los trabajadores del inmueble que saldría por un momento a realizar unas compras y que su pareja permanecería en la habitación.

El hombre nunca volvió y Brenda Jazmín fue encontrada sin vida.

Colectivo Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme exige justicia

El colectivo exigió justicia por el feminicidio de su integrante para que su muerte no quede impune.

“Otro feminicidio más desgraciadamente la víctima fuiste tu Brenda, una mujer tan trabajadora, nosotras tus compañeras de colectivo te conocimos porque estabas en la búsqueda de tu hermano y conocimos tu forma de ser una muchacha tan noble y buena persona.

“No queremos más estadísticas, queremos que esto pare”, escribió el grupo mediante sus redes sociales.

Búsqueda de Luis Heraldo Beltrán Jaime

Luis Heraldo Beltrán Jaime era el hermano de Brenda y se le vio por última vez en Bacum, Sonora, en el mes de noviembre de 2018.

La mujer relató en algunas entrevistas que no pararía con la localización de su hermano y no lo haría a petición de su madre y su sobrina.


Palomas blancas, flores y clamor de justicia: al interior del último adiós a Luz Raquel I VIDEO

Cecilia Monzón: Trasladan al Penal del Altiplano al presunto feminicida de la abogada y activista

Papá de Debanhi Escobar pide encontrar al asesino: “Le pedí permiso para que saliera de su tumba y nos dijera la verdad”

[Alerta Defensoras] MÉXICO / Asesinan a la defensora Brenda Jazmín Beltrán, del colectivo Guerreras Buscadoras de Cajeme, Sonora.

De acuerdo con información de la Fiscalía General del Estado de Sonora, la defensora Brenda Jazmín Beltrán Jaime fue localizada el pasado domingo 17 de julio con claros indicios de haber sido asesinada. Brenda Jazmín Beltrán Jaime, quien buscaba a su hermano Luis Heraldo Beltrán Jaime, desaparecido desde el 1 de noviembre de 2018, era […]

25 julio 2022


Luz Raquel Padilla: Mexican Mother of Autistic Boy Dies after Being Set on Fire


Mexican Activist Dies After Being Set Alight

A Mexican disability rights activist has died after she was attacked and set on fire in the state of Jalisco, the local prosecutor’s office sa…


Mexican Mother Of Autistic Boy Dies After Being Set On Fire

[Alerta Defensoras] MÉXICO / Fallece la activista Luz Raquel Padilla Gutiérrez luego de ser agredida y quemada en Zapopan, Jalisco.

Luz Raquel Padilla Gutiérrez, integrante de la colectiva Yo Cuido México, fue atacada en un parque público en la colonia Arcos de Zapopan, Jalisco, el domingo 17 de julio, cuando le rociaron alcohol y le prendieron fuego. Tras ser hospitalizada, la defensora de derechos humanos falleció el pasado martes 19 de julio, a causa de […]

21 julio 2022

[Alerta Defensoras] NICARAGUA / Escalada de cancelaciones en junio afecta a 23 organizaciones feministas y por los derechos de las mujeres, ya suman 80 las organizaciones de este tipo canceladas ilegalmente desde 2018.

La persecución del gobierno misógino y autoritario de Daniel Ortega contra quienes se organizan para defender derechos y construir una Nicaragua más justa e igualitaria no cesa. Entre el de 3 de junio hasta la fecha, la Asamblea Nacional de Nicaragua aprobó la cancelación de la personería jurídica de otras 23 organizaciones feministas o que […]

4 julio 2022

Foto: Festivales Solidarios
[Alerta Defensoras] GUATEMALA / Condenan a 2 años de cárcel conmutables a la defensora maya Q’eqchi María Choc.

Luego de 4 años de un proceso penal injusto, este lunes 21 de mayo el juez Jesús Mazariegos condenó a la defensora del territorio María Choc a 2 años de cárcel conmutables por el delito de usurpación agravada, por lo que la defensora deberá pagar alrededor de Q7200 para evitar ir a prisión. María, quién […]

30 junio 2022

[Alerta Defensoras] GUATEMALA / Criminalizan a la defensora Claudia Paz por investigar graves violaciones de derechos humanos y luchar contra la corrupción durante su etapa como Fiscal General de Guatemala.

Según ha informado el Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional (CEJIL), el pasado 8 de junio la Oficina Nacional de Prevención de la Tortura y otros tratos o penas crueles, inhumanos o degradantes promovió una denuncia en contra de Claudia Paz y Paz. A la defensora se la acusa de los “delitos de […]

14 junio 2022

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