US Billionaires win big in Ukraine with Arms, Gas and Oil Bonanza..’throw citizens welfare ‘under the bus’

US Capitalists biggest winners in Ukraine crisis

by Global Times on Sept 2, 2022 by Zhao Lijian via thefreeonline

As the initiator of the Ukraine crisis, the US has been its biggest winner, standing on the sidelines while reaping the benefits. This deserves consideration and vigilance from the world, a spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The remarks came in response to comments by some in the European media who have said that the US is masquerading as a savior while banking huge profits by selling gas to European countries, with the latter facing energy shortages due to sanctions targeting Russia that forced them to buy US natural gas at high prices.

The comments are very reasonable, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Friday during a regular press briefing.

Ukrainian servicemen unload a Boeing 747-412 plane with the FGM-148 Javelin, anti-tank missiles provided by US to Ukraine as part of a military support, at Kiev’s airport Boryspil on February 11, 2022. Photo: AFP

“The comprehensive escalation of the Ukraine crisis has continued for more than half a year. Facts have once again proved that unilateral sanctions by the US and the West cannot solve the problem. On the contrary, their spillover effects continue to snowball,” said Zhao

“As the initiator of the Ukraine crisis, the US has now become the biggest winner, reaping the benefits. This is worthy of consideration and vigilance by the whole world,” Zhao warned.

Zhao said that he is aware of reports that the gap between gas prices in the European and US markets is now as much as 10 times, a record high.

Zhao cited George Galloway, former British parliamentarian, who said that the US “is ready to fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, in the end, it’s prepared to fight to the last drop of European blood.”

Galloway also said that the working classes of Europe and North America will pay the price of the NATO-crazed suicide-mission against Russia.

According to data published by Business Insider, an American financial and business news website, US companies are making more than $100 million per container ship of liquefied natural gas bound for Europe.

European suckers blinded by Racism – fall head first for Great US Scam. Sanctions! Lets cut off Russian oil and gas! (**But the US is a gas EXPORTER)… Arms bombs missiles ..Gift Ukraine everything! (**But US gifts are often LOANS, with infinite credit and $Trillion war budget). …Oh no! Europe is bankrupt! Help us USA ( ** Just join the breadlines..)

“Obviously, while US arms dealers and grain merchants have been cashing in on the Ukraine crisis, US energy companies have not been left behind. As a result, the public across Europe faces soaring electricity prices, lower heating temperatures and even prescheduled blackouts,” said Zhao.

According to industry statistics, the current import price of natural gas in Europe has increased by over 200 percent from a year earlier.

One of the examples is the Rose and Crown, an award-winning British pub, which on Sunday posted an energy bill on its Twitter account, showing that its annual electricity bill is 61,667.94 pounds ($71,243), or 97.05 pounds per kilowatt-hour. The price in May was 15 pounds per kilowatt-hour, which means an increase of 547 percent.


US ‘throws under the bus’ the citizens’ welfare and the economies of European countries

19 Aug, 2022 11:29 HomeRussia & FSU

Washington has harmed the bloc to serve its own interests, a top Putin ally has warned

“Gas in the US costs $333 per 1,000 cubic meters.. Washington sells it to Europe for a price which is 7.3 [times] higher”. (jumping today Aug 19 by another 7% to above $2,600)

/Beppe Gasparro

The United States has doomed the EU to hunger, cold and isolation by pressuring the bloc to cut its ties with Moscow, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on Friday.

He wrote on Telegram that Washington would “stop at nothing to cling to its power over the world as it throws under the bus the citizens’ welfare and the economies of European countries to achieve this end.”

He noted that natural gas in the US costs $333 per 1,000 cubic meters. “At the same time, Washington sells it to Europe for a price which is 7.3 [times] higher, rendering the EU economy uncompetitive,” he wrote, adding that the eurozone’s annual inflation rate had hit a record 8.9%.

Volodin said Europe had been hit by a heatwave that triggered huge problems in the agriculture sector, as well as an energy crisis which had seen prices soar six times in one year.

The EU’s decision to phase out Russian energy supplies and cut economic ties with Moscow “have been made under Washington’s pressure,” the State Duma speaker claimed.

US policies in Europe are enforced by England that has left the EU high and dry, as well as by a number of countries that are sovereign in name only – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine – with Poland, the Czech Republic and Finland joining this Russophobic coalition in the hopes of getting an American handout,” Volodin wrote.

His comments come as the EU is plagued by an energy crisis due to rising global prices. Earlier this month, the bloc approved a plan that would see its member states reduce gas consumption by 15% in a bid to tackle the crisis.

Another factor that has exacerbated the energy crunch was the EU’s decision to wean itself off natural gas from Russia, as the bloc considers these supplies to be unreliable.

However, President Vladimir Putin has rejected accusations that Moscow could cut off gas supplies to the EU, stating that Russian energy giant Gazprom is “ready to pump as much as necessary” but that the bloc has “closed everything themselves.”

19 Aug, 2022 08:47 HomeWorld News

Top German politician makes Nord Stream 2 plea

Berlin should certify the gas pipeline from Russia to ensure there’s enough winter fuel, the Bundestag vice speaker said

Top German politician makes Nord Stream 2 plea

Germany should certify the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and use it to get enough fuel from Russia to get through the upcoming cold season, Wolfgang Kubicki, the deputy speaker of the German parliament, said.

The move must be taken “as soon as possible to fill our gas storage for the winter,” the politician from the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) told the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) in an interview published on Friday. The party is part of the German ruling coalition.

Berlin suspended certification of the fully complete route for Russian natural gas to put pressure on Moscow amid the crisis in Ukraine. The German government said under no circumstances should it be used, even though the country faces gas shortages…..

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