“Eva Bartlett describes Ukraine’s unspeakable genocide of Donbass FULL INTERVIEW (Graphic Content Warning)”

by Eva Bartlett via thefreeonline

Interview I did on Redacted on September 22.

**Warning: This video contains graphic images of civilians killed by Ukrainian shelling of completely civilian areas of Donetsk.**

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Children among dead after Ukraine shells refugee convoy – Donbass official

Samizdat | September 29, 2022
The Ukrainian army has attacked a refugee convoy in the eastern region of Kharkov, killing over 30 people, according to the Lugansk People’s Republic’s envoy to Russia.

Rodion Miroshnik wrote on his Telegram channel that those killed in the artillery bombardment included children. He added that emergency services are unable to access the bodies, as shelling from Kiev’s forces continues.

The republic’s health ministry stated that seven other people were injured, including two children who lost their parents in the shelling.

eva bartlett commits journalism in the donbass, ukraine | café babylon

Miroshnik claimed the Ukrainian army knew exactly who they were shooting at, as they had allegedly used drones to track down the refugee vehicle convoy and were “intentionally aiming at civilians.” Kiev has yet to respond to the allegations.

Speaking to the Russia 24 TV channel, the LPR envoy noted that the number of civilians trying to get out of Kharkov Region has significantly increased in recent days, as fighting in the area has intensified in the wake of Kiev’s forces reclaiming most of the region.

Eva Karene Bartlett on Twitter: “@KarenHugs22

Miroshnik said most of the fleeing residents are trying to cross into Russia’s Belgorod region or the LPR, especially from the cities of Kupyansk and Balakleya.

from… https://alethonews.com/2022/09/29/children-among-dead-after-ukraine-shells-refugee-convoy-donbass-official/

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