280,000 Tons of Fertilizers for Famine States blocked in Europe – to STOP Russia giving it away FREE!

12.11.2022 from Aletho News shared with thanks via thefreeonline

“Up to 280,000 tonnes of Russian mineral fertilizers have been under arrest in a number of European countries over recent months,” Russian Minister Sergey Vershinin said adding that Russia supported gratuitous exports of these arrested fertilizers to countries in need, especially in Africa.

Up to 280,000 Tonnes of Russian Fertilizers Arrested in Europe, Deputy Foreign Minister Says

The deputy minister added that Moscow was not satisfied with the implementation of the Black Sea grain deal, as Russian food products and fertilizers should have a “real access” to international markets.

Russia, Ukraine and Turkey signed on July 22 the United Nations-brokered agreement to secure a humanitarian corridor via the Black Sea for grain and fertilizer exports. The parties agreed for the agreement to last 120 days and expire on November 19.

On October 29, Russia suspended its participation in the agreement after its military and civilian ships were attacked by Ukraine in the bay of Sevastopol.

The countries importing fertilizers have no replacement for supplies from Russia

On November 2, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Moscow was returning to the agreement after receiving written guarantees from Ukraine that Kiev will refrain from using the humanitarian corridor for military purposes.

Kiev has denied providing any additional guarantees.

Russia offers grain for free to poor countries

Russia has also repeatedly offered to donate free tens of millioms of tons of grains to suffering countries after a record harvest.

twitter.comfrom Russia and Ukraine, the world’s  grains buyers are being forced to hunt…

The US has so far refused to grant a sanctions waiver for Russia so companies can provide transport to give away the food wihout being sanctioned. Presumably to do so might depress prices and decrease sky high profits on grain arriving from the Ukraine agreement.


First batch of blocked Russian fertilizers finally allowed to leave EU port after appeal to UN

12 Nov, 2022 11:49HomeBusiness News

Russian fertilizers to leave EU port The 20,000 ton cargo has been held in the Dutch port, Rotterdam, and is destined for Malawi, under the UN World Food Program.

Netherlands is now refusing to obey te EU’s draconian anti Russian sanctions. https://www.rt.com/business/566383-blocked-russian-fertilizers-rotterdam-malawi/

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