Old City of ISIS capital Raqqa has Fallen to the Revolutionary SDF

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) female fighters enter the battle against ISIS in Raqqa


The spokeswoman for the campaign “Euphrates Anger” (Xezeba Firatê), Jihan Sheikh Ahmad, from the Yekîneyên Parastinê Yên Jinê (Women Defense Units, YPJ) campaign confirmed today the conquest of the old quarter of the Raqqa and the Darayeh district, to the West.

The control of the Old Quarter is a very remarkable advance as it was fortified by a historic wall and its narrow streets, complicated offensive operations.

Darayeh was closed at the beginning of the week and has progressed with street to street fighting.

1st Sept 2017. map of Raqqa. yellow is SDF contolled. A Civilian/Military Council of all ethnic and religious groups and women has been set up to administer the city, its reconstruction, relief and refugee organisation, etc, The new administration uses the model of the Manbij Civilian Council, adopting many principles of the Rojava revolution of Democratic Confederalism, but without direct Kurdish control.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have discovered networks of tunnels that were used by members of the Islamic State (IS).

In some cases the origins of the same were mosques that shows that the IS used the religious buildings like hiding places.

Ahmad said that the conquest is a gift to all the martyrs who have given their lives.

YPJ, YPG, SDF forces liberated many more neighborhoods & rescued hundreds of more civilians, including children from ISIS/ Turkish regime terrorists captivity in Reqqa (Ar-Raqqah), —


original en castellano

El Barrio Viejo de Raqqa ha caído


La portavoz de la campaña ‘Ira del Éufrates’ (Xezeba Firatê), Jihan Sheikh Ahmad, de las Yekîneyên Parastinê Yên Jinê (Unidades de Defensa de Mujeres, YPJ) confirmó hoy la conquista del barrio viejo de al raqa y del distrito de Darayeh, al oeste.

El control del Barrio Viejo supone un avance muy notable pues estaba fortificado por una muralla histórica y, sus calles estrechas, complicaban las operaciones ofensivas. Darayeh quedó cerrado a principios de semana y se ha ido avanzando calle a calle.


Las Fuerzas Democráticas Sirias (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF) han descubierto redes de túneles que eran utilizadas por los miembros de la Islamic State (Estado Islámico, IS). En algunos casos los orígenes de las mismas eran mezquitas que muestra que el IS usaba los edificios religiosos como escondites.

Ahmad aseguró que la conquista es un presente a todos los mártires que han dado su vida

translated from Kurdis Cat some illustrations added.

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