Black Market in Broad Daylight

Der Friedensstifter

Adam Zyglis Political Cartoons

Lauren Smith

U.S. school kids, hospital patients, and prison inmates share food poisoning, while food liquidators boast they turn “trash into treasure.”

[This article is the second part of a series on human rights abuse by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the Miami Federal Detention Center (Miami FDC).Part Onewas on its deadly lack of health care services.Part Two is about its torturous and corrupt food service industry.In violation of international human rights, the U.S. prison system fails to provide inmates with “wholesome and adequate food,” as specified in theUnited Nations’ Human Rights and Prisons:APocketbook of International Human Rights Standards for Prison Officials.—CAM Editors]

Operating in the shadows is easy in the United States secondary food market, as few question what happens to food that exceeds its expiration date in leading supermarket chains across the nation.Well, truth be told, expired food gets…

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