Some of Turkey’s Recent Massacres against Kurds

Cowardly attacks are being launched by Turkish occupation state against the Kurdish component wherever at highest level, in which 2nd Paris Massacre is not separated of Gonia Massacre that had been committed by Turkish fanatics, or the series the crimes of the Turkish occupation in Southern, Northern and Western Kurdistan.

from Hawar News on 25 Dec 2022, in KOBANI, by ZANA SIDI via thefreeonline

At a time that the Guerilla Fighters in the mountains in Southern Kurdistan have been exposed to chemical attacks by Turkish state in July, 2021, Turkish nationalist fanatics killed a Kurdish family; Consisting of 7 individuals on the outskirts of the city of Gonia in a heinous crime; The perpetrators chanted, “Kurds are not allowed to live here.”

​​​​​​​Child killed and another, a young man injured in bombing of Turkish occupation of Şera – updated

At the time, Kurdish political circles considered that the Turkish government and its judicial system were lenient towards Turkish fanatics. They opened the way for brutal crimes against the Kurdish people.

Before that, 6 bullets were shot in the body of the Kurdish activist, Deniz Poyraz, and her body sank in a pool of blood at the headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party in the heart of Izmir in June, and they were the “Gray Wolves”; It is an anti-Kurdish Turkish nationalist movement behind the crime.

​​​​​​​Women in NE Syria condemn the second Paris massacre

Two weeks before that, 5 Turkish youths attacked a 20-year-old Kurdish man, Barış Chakan, and brutally killed him by stabbed with knives, while he was listening to Kurdish songs in a garden in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

One month before the incident of the Kurdish youth, the Turkish media had reported from the “Jana Qala” region in the far west of Turkey the incident of assaulting the elderly Kurdish “Akram Elder”, who was accompanying his wife in the city hospital, and because they were speaking Kurdish, which they do not know any other language, they were attacked by Turkish residents of the same hospital, chanting slogans such as “No to the division of Turkey.”

Turkish occupation attacks on the villages of Manbij deprive 2,735 students of education

The terrorism of the Turkish state has gone beyond the borders of the country. In Southern Kurdistan, a Kurdish citizen from Northern Kurdistan, Mohammad Zaki Chalabi, a national figure, was seriously injured on the night of May 17 in front of his restaurant on Bakhtiar Street in Sulaymaniyah. After he was shot by people linked to Turkish intelligence, he died hours after being transferred to the hospital, while the killers had not been arrested for 7 months.

​​​​​​​US researcher: Turkish attacks undermine efforts to fight ISIS

An American researcher warned that the Turkish occupation army’s attacks on North and East Syria would negatively affect the battle against ISIS.

​​​​​​​Turkish occupation bombs 2 villages in the occupied countryside of Kobani and Girê Spî// Turkish occupation bombs Al-Kouzeliya village// Turkish occupation bombs village in Sherawa//Turkish occupation bombs 2 villages in Zarghan district

A few days later, a Turkish drone was targeted. The prominent Kurdish politician, and one of the pillars of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, Farhad Shibli, in Southern Kurdistan, which led to his martyrdom on the 17th of last June.

Hundreds of villages, towns, and border cities with the occupying Turkish state were not spared from the systematic bombing and destruction in Southern and Western Kurdistan. The violence it has practiced has not stopped for 100 years, and is still continuing at a higher rate, through which the Turkish state uses chemical weapons to eliminate Guerrilla fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan.

YPJ: 2nd Paris massacre targets Kurdish and oppressed people

The war of extermination waged by the occupying Turkish state against the Kurdish presence is expanding. The second Paris massacre is clear evidence and a message that “no Kurd will be spared on the face of this earth.”

Although the French authorities have not revealed the party behind the second Paris massacre until this moment, the Kurdish people are fully aware; The party that seeks to annihilate it is the fascist Turkish state.

Accordingly, the Kurdish people demand the French authorities, in the ongoing protests, to reveal to the public opinion the party behind the second Paris massacre, and not be satisfied with a number of statements, at a time when the Kurdish presence around the world is threatened by the Turkish state.

Noting that the French government did not provide clear evidence about the 2013 Paris massacre, when Turkish intelligence targeted 3 Kurdish women activists, namely ” Sakîne Cansiz, Leyla Şaylemez, Fîdan Dogan.”

​​​In addition to the killings carried out by the Turkish intelligence in Europe, most of the terrorist operations in Europe during the past decade were carried out by mercenaries with links to ISIS, which bases itself in the Turkish occupation state, according to dozens of reports and documents that talked about the transformation of Turkish cities into dens for extremist groups.

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