All Masks Thrown Off: US and NATO reveal Aim to Destroy and Loot Russia

   from thefreeonline on 23rd Jan 2023 by SouthFront

In January 2023, all masks were thrown off. The Euro-Atlantic elites, motivated after their meetings in Davos, realized that there was no more need to cover their true intentions with hypocritical appeals to “save the young Ukrainian democracy for the sake of world peace.”

More and more representatives of the so-called “golden billion” from the West recognize the real goals of the bellicose policy that they have been waging against Russia for decades, namely, the destruction of the integrity of the Russian Federation as a state and the deprivation of the Russian people of statehood in order to gain control over huge resources that “for some historical injustice belong to the Russian barbarians.”

The fate of the state of Ukraine and the lives of its population are of little interest to them, because in case of victory, its fertile territory will become a pleasant bonus.

HRW: Hundreds Of Schools Destroyed In Ukraine War, Military Use Must Stop

Euro-Atlantic elites have unleashed and are waging an aggressive war against the Russian Federation in their personal interests.

Moreover, the ongoing development of the military conflict, the lack of political will of the West to resolve it and the strengthening of bellicose rhetoric with the recognition of the true goals of the war indicate that these elites are ready to escalate the conflict up to the third world war, and even the nuclear threat will not stop them.

On January 20, at a ceremony in Madrid, Josep Borrel recalled Russia’s great victories over Hitler and Napoleon, from which he concluded that it was necessary to continue to increase military pressure on it.

With his statement, the Head of EU diplomacy put the modern collective west on a par with ”the collective West created by Hitler” and the ”collective West of Napoleon”, who were both defeated by Russia.

“Russia is a big country, it is used to fighting to the end, it is used to almost losing, and then restoring everything. They did it to Napoleon, they did it to Hitler. It would be absurd to think that Russia has lost the war or that its military is incompetent. Therefore, it is necessary to continue arming Ukraine.”

Borrel’s statements did not become a sensation. He was not the first to express such threats to Russia. However, the recent statement has become one of the  most outspoken claims.

He voiced the real goal of the military company of the West which is the destruction of Russia and the seizure of its territories, as Hitler and Napoleon had previously attempted to do.

#Ukraine: War and peace through the eyes of Donbas children – EU Reporter

Amid the revelations of Western leaders, the words of Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland sounded particularly interesting at the forum in Davos.

She also supported the position of Mr. Borrel, specifying that Russia’s defeat “would be a huge boost to the global economy.”

Freeland, whose grandfather was a member of Andrei Melnik’s OUN-UPA nationalist group, hit the limelight several times over the past few years by speaking in support of Ukraine’s Nazis and by making Russophobic statements.

#StopKillingDonbass Day to once again draw world’s attention to endless shelling of peaceful Donbass citizens by Ukrainian army & neo-Nazis… Held Everywhere: November 19, 2022

Ukraine winning its war against Russia this year “would be a huge boost to the global economy,” says Trudeau’s Deputy PM and WEF board member, Chrystia Freeland.

This is the 21st century war for resources, full-scaled and simple. – Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on her claims.

Amid the bellicose rhetoric of the West and the ongoing defeat of the Ukrainian Army on the battlefield, the beginning of the year 2023 was also marked by the strengthening of military support for the puppet Kiev regime.

While Europe is looking for tanks for Ukrainian soldiers in warehouses, Washington has already announced a new $2.5 billion military aid package. LINK

NATO and Washington no longer hide that they not only maintain the Ukrainian army, but also provide the necessary intelligence information, command Ukrainian troops on the battlefield and have taken control of the military decision-making process.

Ukraine’s extermination of Donbass civilian population .

Leading US media are often reporting that “the US recommended the Ukrainian military to withdraw from Bakhmut” or that “the US is helping to plan counter-offensive operations in Ukraine.” According to reports, the United States will help Ukraine plan counter-offensives to take back the “occupied territories, including Crimea.”

“Russia did not seek to escalate the conflict, but Western countries, driven by the United States, crossed red lines and began to pose a threat to our national interests. Now the United States is talking about supporting Ukrainian aggression against Crimea and new Russian territories. But the Kiev regime must realize that the support of Western countries will backfire it and Ukraine. The more Western countries interfere in the affairs of Ukraine, the further the border of our special operation will move in order to create a buffer zone and protect our country from the enemy neighbors.”

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet commented on the issue.

© Sputnik / Igor Maslov From 2014 to 2022, Ukrainian Army shelling killed more than 100 children in Donbass.

The actions of the United States and its European allies are leading the world to a global catastrophe.

If Washington and NATO countries supply weapons that will be used to attack peaceful cities and attempt to seize Russian territories, this will lead to retaliatory measures by the Russian military using more powerful weapons.

By their decisions, Washington and Brussels are leading the world to war which will be completely different from the hostilities that are ongoing today, when strikes are carried out exclusively on military and strategic infrastructure facilities used by the Kiev regime.

The arguments that there is no nuclear threat as the nuclear powers have not previously used weapons of mass destruction in local conflicts are untenable because these states has never faced a threat to the security of their citizens and the territorial integrity, which NATO threatens Russia with today.

The sharp tightening of the West’s rhetoric, up to outright threats of war and destruction of the Russian state, was clearly heard in Moscow.

The Russian political leadership, who until recently tried to maintain a dialogue with “Western partners” based on the principles of real-politic or at least basic international law, seem to have changed their position.

After a year of hostilities in Ukraine, it became clear that the current conflict was orchestrated by the collective West not even in the last 8 years but decades ago, when already in 2004 it became obvious that Russia was trying to break out of the neocolonial shackles of the post-Soviet period.

As a result, Moscow has finally accepted the rules of the game imposed by the West and makes it clear that for its part, it no longer sees ways to peacefully resolve accumulated contradictions with NATO countries and is ready to enter into a full-scale war.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

The recent press conference of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which summed up the results of Russian diplomacy in 2022, was a clear example.

The Russian Minister described the current situation extremely harshly LINK:

..”Nobody is hiding this fact. This is clear from statements by unbiased Western politologists, scientists and politicians. In his recent article, Ian Bremmer, political science professor at Columbia University, wrote: “We are not in a cold war with Russia. We are in a hot war with Russia. Now it’s a proxy war. And NATO is not fighting it directly. We are fighting it through Ukraine.”

This admission is frank and this conclusion is on the surface. It is strange that some people try to refute it. Recently, President of Croatia Zoran Milanovic said that this is a NATO war. An open and honest statement.

Several weeks ago, Henry Kissinger (before he urged NATO to accept Ukraine in his recent article) wrote in clear terms that the events in Ukraine were a clash, a rivalry of two nuclear powers for control over that territory. It is clear enough what he meant.

Our Western partners are cunning while vehemently trying to prove that they are not fighting Russia but are only helping Ukraine respond to an “aggression” and restore its territorial integrity. The scale of their support makes it clear that the West has staked a great deal on its war against Russia; this is obvious.

The events surrounding Ukraine have brought to light the implicit push by the United States to drop attempts to reinforce its global position with legitimate means and to adopt illegitimate methods to ensure its dominance.

Anything goes. Once revered mechanisms and institutions that were created by the US-led West have been discarded (and not because of what we are seeing in Ukraine).

Free market, fair competition, free enterprise, the inviolability of property, and the presumption of innocence, in a word, everything the Western globalisation model relied on collapsed overnight.

Sanctions have been imposed on Russia and other objectionable countries that do not comply with these tenets and mechanisms. Clearly, sanctions can be imposed any time on any country, which, in one way or another, refuses to mindlessly follow American orders.

The European Union has been completely subsumed by this US dictatorship (there’s no point in discussing this at length) …

Like Napoleon, who mobilised nearly all of Europe against the Russian Empire, and Hitler, who occupied the majority of European countries and hurled them at the Soviet Union, the United States has created a coalition of nearly all European member states of NATO and the EU and is using Ukraine to wage a proxy war against Russia with the old aim of finally solving the “Russian question,” like Hitler, who sought a final solution to the “Jewish question.”

Genocide of Donbass Civilians: Children – 11.04.2022,

Recently, there were reports about some changes in the Russian political and military leadership.

In particular, some officials in top positions in key political bodies such as the Presidential Administration, the Security Council, special services, etc were changed. Inspections have been initiated to clarify the compliance of several high-ranking officials to their positions, their ties with foreign countries and the any possible corruption actions are being checked.

Changes have also taken place in the Russian Ministry of Defense. Army General Valery Gerasimov was appointed commander of the Russian group of troops in the zone of a special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine.

He fought Chechen militants at the head of the army, organized an operation in Syria, and has been heading the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces since November 2012.

The changes in the Russian military command may indicate the new stage of hostilities in Ukraine. Also, new generals were appointed to a number of other key positions in the Ministry of Defense.

new air defense systems deployed near on Moscow decision-making centers

In January, the Russian military began to defiantly strengthen the air defense system in the capital. In recent days, footage of new air defense systems deployed near the decision-making centers, like the Moscow Kremlin and the building of the Ministry of Defense, were widely shared online.

The Ukrainian Army is murdering Donbass children with the help and …

All this reflects a change in the Kremlin’s vision of the ongoing processes and its readiness to address the challenge from the West. Perseverance of the Euro-Atlantic elites was finally appreciated by Russia and received a worthy response.

Unfortunately, the position of the West means that the world can no longer hope for an early end to the war in Europe. Moreover, the conflict is likely to escalate.


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