Austrians say Stop the War! Stop Ukraine Arms Scam! Stop the Stupid Slaughter!

om thefreeonline on February 21, 2023 by Free West Media ..

Clear majority of Austrians say no to war

VIENNA – According to a recent survey by Unique Research, 65 percent of Austrians want Ukraine to stop fighting. They want peace talks. It is interesting to also note that only Green voters want fighting to continue.

Ukraine-Krise: Österreich erwartet 200.000 Flüchtlinge | Heimatkurier

The effects of the war are becoming more and more dramatic. A current survey done for the magazine Heute is therefore unsurprisingly very clear: the Austrians have had enough.

They feel that Ukraine should finally sit down at the negotiating table with Russia, even if that means giving up territory.

Escalation spiral continues

“There are no compromises with the Russians,” according to Ukrainian President Zelensky. Not only has he demanded battle tanks, but Kiev wants cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs. The reason for the constant escalation lies not least in the situation at the front.

After months of fighting with thousands of dead, the Donbass “fortress” Bakhmut is about to fall.

Only Greens are still for war

While many European politicians (and much of the media) continue  their warmongering, a peace movement is therefore sweeping through Austria. The war is only still popular among the Greens.

Some 49 percent of the former pacifist party want Ukraine to keep fighting while 48 percent want peace – the rest are unsure.

Austria protest as far right Freedom Party tastes power – BBC News

Only 21 percent of respondents believe that Ukraine should continue fighting, while 65 percent have called on Kiev to negotiate.

The call for peace was most pronounced among FPÖ voters, with 86 percent in favor of a speedy end to the war, even if Ukraine would have to make concessions to do so.

Bisher rund 110.000 Flüchtlinge aus der Ukraine in Österreich

Similarly, 63 percent of SPÖ voters want to go down the path of diplomacy and 59 percent of ÖVP supporters call for peace. Among Neos voters, 54 percent are in favor of immediate negotiations.

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