Israeli Strikes Place Syria’s Aleppo’s Airport Out Of Service For Second Time In Weeks.. + Revenge kills US Agent + US revenge Strikes.

Early on March 22, a series of Israeli terrorist strikes again hit Aleppo International Airport in northern Syria, placing it out of service for the second time in recent weeks.

  from thefreeonline on 23rd March 2023 by South Front

Illustrative image. Source: the Israeli Air Force.

The Syrian Arab News Agency, citing a military source, said that the Israeli fighter jets launched several missiles at the airport from over the Mediterranean sea, causing some material losses. The state-run agency didn’t report any casualties, however.

This is Aleppo

According to a notice sent by Syrian aviation authorities, known as a NOTAM, the runway at the airport was closed after the attack.

In a statement, the Syrian Ministry of Transport said that the airport’s runway and navigation equipment were damaged as a result of the Israeli strikes. All flights scheduled for Aleppo were redirected to the country’s two other international airports in Damascus and Latakia.

Aleppo International Airport was reopened in 2020 after 8 years closed by the War.

Two regional intelligence sources speaking to the Reuters news agency said that the strikes also targeted an underground depot at the adjacent Nairab military airport. The sources said the depot was used to store missile systems which had been delivered by Iranian cargo flights.

The airport is regularly used for Iranian weapons deliveries and the movement of troops, the two unnamed sources claimed.

This was the second confirmed Israeli attack on Aleppo International Airport in recent weeks. On March 7, a series of Israeli terrorist strikes hit the airport, placing it out of service for three days.

Israel launches new air raid on Syria’s airport – Prensa Latina Damascus, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Israel has reportedly launched a new air raid on Syria’s Aleppo airport, some … According to sources, three missiles hit the airport’s runways.

The airport has been a major channel for the flow of humanitarian aid into Aleppo since the devastating February 6 Turkish-Syrian earthquake that claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people, including more than 6,000 in Syria.

Israel carried out hundreds of strikes against alleged Iranian weapons storage and personnel deployment positions in Syria over the past decade as a part of a covert military campaign known as “the war between the wars.” Israeli officials have rarely acknowledged responsibility.


US Launches Airstrikes in Syria After Drone Attack Kills US Contractor

President TrumpJoe BidenpropagandaCIAPentagon

The Pentagon announced on Thursday night that it launched airstrikes in Syria after a drone attack killed a US contractor and wounded five US troops near Hasakah in northeast Syria.US Launches Airstrikes in Syria After Drone Attack Kills US Contractor


CIA Agent Killed, Others Wounded in a Bombing of a US Base in Syria

The Pentagon and all of the US military commanders know that every time Israel bombs a site in Syria, their troops will be bombed in retaliation by the Syrian resistance. The bombing of the base of the US Army of oil thieves in Hasakah was in retaliation to Israel’s bombing of Aleppo International Airport the day earlier, political analysts affirm.

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