Kurdish feminist mayor Ayşe Gökkan sentenced to 22.5 yrs jail on blatant false charges

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A Turkish appeals court in Amed upheld a 22,5-year prison sentence against Kurdish politician and former mayor Ayşe Gökkan in and rejected a request for her release from prison.

Freedom NOW for Ayse – and all political prisoners in Turkey

Kurdish politician Ayşe Gökkan, imprisoned in Turkey, has failed for the time being with her appeal against her sentence to more than two decades in prison.

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Gökkan had been sentenced to 22 years and 6 months in prison on so-called terror charges by the 9th Criminal Chamber in Diyarbakır in October 2021. A regional court of appeal in Amed (tr. Diyarbakır) confirmed the verdict on Wednesday.

The sentence is made up of several sentences: twelve years for alleged leadership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), seven and a half years for alleged membership of the same organisation and three years for alleged PKK propaganda.

Ayşe Gökkan was born in the Suruç district of Urfa in 1965 and studied journalism. She has been arrested more than 80 times, and the preliminary proceedings against her were usually based on so-called terror charges.

In 2009, Gökkan was elected mayor of Mardin’s Nusaybin district with 83 percent of the vote. Most of the investigations against her occurred during her term of office. Gökkan was elected spokesperson of the Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in February 2020.

In December of that year, she was sentenced to eighteen months in prison in Mardin.

In the trial she was accused of being in a restricted military area and causing damage to property. The charge stems from an act of civil obedience in October 2013.

Ayse’s hunger strike at new Syrian border wall

At the time, Gökkan was mayor of Nusaybin and protested against the construction of a military wall with a hunger strike on the border with Syria.

It’s not the first time she’s been in jail. The last time she was in prison was in 2017 for five months. She was also taken into police custody dozens of times.

Nusaybin, May 2016,where Ayşe Gökkan was elected Mayor in 2009, a European city after a Turkish ‘peacekeeping operation’ by the Turkish Special Force butchers, as in dozens more Kurdish majority towns, while Europe turned a blind eye.. The journalist Zehra Dogan spent 20 months in jail for painting the copy of this photo above. Hundreds of journalists are still jailed. ( Zehra was a founder of JINHA, Turkey’s first women’s news agency, which was shut down in 2016 under Statutory Decree No. 675 along with 180 other media outlets.) Ayşe Gökkan, now spokeswoman of the Free Women’s Movement has now been confirmed for 22,5ears jail accused of ‘terrorism’, Sept 2021 trial. She has been arrested over 80 times already.


TJK-E: Organized women will not be silenced - 100 reasons ...

TJK-E: Organized women will not be silenced –

Biography of Ayse

Ayşe Gökkan (born 1965 in Kulince, Sanliurfa) is a Kurdish journalist, feminist, spokeswoman of the Free Women Movement (TJA)[1] and a former Mayor of Nusaybin.[2] As a journalist, she has been active in news outlets such as Özgür Gündem or Azadiya Welat.[3] Gökkan was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment on grounds that she was a leader and a member of a terror organization in October 2021.[2]

Gökk on Twitter: “🤍 https://t.co/4MQXCMffmn” / Twitter

Early life and education

She was born in the village Kulince[where?] in Suruç, Şanlıurfa Province.[3] After having attended primary school in her village, she graduated from high school in Urfa.[3] Later she studied journalism at the American University of Northern Cyprus from which she graduated in 1998.[4]

Political career

She was an active member of the People’s Labour Party (HEP), the Democracy Party (DEP), the People’s Democracy Party (HADEP) the Democratic People’s Party (DEHAP) and the Democratic Society Party (DTP).[4] For the HADEP she was a candidate for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey but was not elected as the party didn’t pass the electoral threshold of 10 %.[4] Representing the DTP, she was elected as the mayor of Nusaybin in the local elections of 2009.[3][5] As Mayor of Nusaybin she opposed the construction of the border wall between the pro-Kurdish administration in Rojava and Turkey in 2013.[6]

Legal prosecution

According to a news-statement from the Peoples’ Democratic Party Gökkan has been detained for more than 80 times.[7] She was detained again in January 2021[7] at her house in Kayapinar, Diyarbakir and accused of being a member of the Kurdistan Communities Union, the Democratic Society Congress, the Free Women Movement[4] and a leader and member of a terrorist organization.[8] In October 2021, Gökkan was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment on grounds that she was a leader and a member of a terror organization.[2][9] According to the International Federation of Human Rights, she was not permitted to defend herself in the Kurdish language during the trial and her lawyers abstained of preparing a defense in the last hearing because they and representatives of the Diyarbakir Bar Association were assaulted and mistreated by the police present in the courtroom in a past hearing.[9]


The Free

Ayşe Gökkan was mayor of Nusaybin, one of the Kurdish cities in Turkey destroyed in 2016 when Erdogan broke the truce declared by the PKK when growing Kurdish parties threatened his rule.

We reprint below a post on the destruction of Nusaybin 2016/05/27/

Genocide in Europe: Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days ..in total ruins and deafening silence


All they asked for was autonomous local government. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns being wiped out on the orders of Erdogan, the darling of Europe.
All they asked for was autonomous local government, feminism and real democracy. Nusaybin is one of many Kurdish towns wiped out by the dictator Erdogan, the darling of Europe.

The picture that heads this article explains everything. Nusaybin no longer exists. Among its ruins today the few dozen people who resisted for 74 days, the brutal attack by the Turkish army have given up. #Şirnex #Nisebin report from kurdiscat.with thanks

On President Erdogan' orders: while he blackmails billions freom the EU at home he boasts of genociding Kurdish peoiple who are 'all terrorists'.
On President Erdogan’ orders: while he blackmails billions from the EU, at home he boasts of genociding Kurdish people who are ‘all PKK terrorists’.
Inhuman, disproportionate, including assault planes (yes Turkey has bombed its civilian population in the XXI century), tanks and heavy artillery against just a few hundred civilians armed with rifles.

In Nusaybin there is only silence. The same silence of the entire international community. 

Allegedly humanitarian NGOs, the European ‘left’ which cries out for other conflicts like rightwing demands in Venezuela, the United States condemning other regimes like Syria and silent with Turkish atrocities.

Nobody has gone to Nusaybin. A global, disgusting silence that has turned a blind eye to the Warsaw Ghetto 2016. It is not known even the number of dead, and not counted. At least one thousand.
Young 'terrorists' in Nusaybin before it was destroyed
Young ‘PKK terrorists’ in Nusaybin before it was destroyed

Nisêbîn his name in Kurdish, he had 80,000 inhabitants before the Turkish AKP government decided to delete the map. Today they are no longer. They are refugees in their own country. But refugees who can not reach Europe.

They are refugees that do not exist for anyone. Those who can not pay to cross the Aegean Sea. They will not come to Greece or Europe.Invaders have left them without homes, literally. More than 8,000 buildings have been destroyed by the Turkish bullets and bombs. They have lost everything: their homes, their possessions, their memories, their streets. In Nisêbîn, there aren’t even dogs, they have been killed or have fled.

Nusaybin: Last volunteers surrender after 74 days
Nusaybin: Last volunteers surrender after 74 days

Deputy HDP (Peoples Democratic Party), Ali Atalan, who has just had his immunity removed, has estimated at about 900,000 € economic damage.(translator’s note: this figure must be wrong).  To this must be added the 50,000 people who, not only have been able to go live in other parts.

Those who have lost everything. On the few remaining walls, soldiers, neo fascists who infest the Turkish army, have written: “Now you will see the power of the Turks”.

''Terrorists''' celebrating International Women Workers Day.. 8th March
”PKK Terrorists” celebrating International Women Workers Day.. 8th March, before their city was wiped off the map

The army has committed this atrocity is our ally, the second army of NATO. And all this, verging on ignominy, with the approval of the European Union. Which  has given this Turkish Islamist government € 6 billion to deal with the refugees that Europe rejects.

A government that has just spent € 500 million on a marble palace for president, the bloodthirsty murderer Recep Tayyip Erdogan. With our taxes, the EU is complicit in these heinous crimes. Sometimes those who say nothing are the most guilty. As Martin Luther King said: “This generation will be sorry not of their evil deeds of the wicked but for the silence of good people.”

And those good people are silent… with a deafening silence.

report from kurdiscat.with thanks     translation thefreeonline 
Nusaybin, May 2016, a new European city after a Turkish 'peacekeeping operation'.
Nusaybin, May 2016, a new European city after a Turkish ‘peacekeeping operation’ with the approval and arms of NATO and the European Union.!

Nusaybin se rinde, tras 74 días, entre ruinas y un atronador silencio

a dijous, de maig 26, 2016

La fotografía que encabeza éste artículo lo explica todo. Nusaybin ya no existe. Entre sus ruinas hoy se han entregado las pocas decenas de personas que resistían, desde hace 74 días, el ataque brutal del ejército turco. Un asalto inhumano, desproporcionado, entre aviones (sí Turquía ha bombardeado a su población civil en pleno siglo XXI), tanques y artillería pesada contra unos centanares de civiles apenas armados con fusiles.

En Nusaybin sólo queda el silencio. El mismo silencio de toda la comunidad internacional. De ONGs supúestamente humanitarias, de la izquierda europea que sí clama por otros conflictos, de la derecha que exige en Venezuela, de los Estados Unidos que condenan a otros regímenes como el sirio y callan con el turco. Nadie ha ido a Nusaybin. Un silencio global, asqueroso, que ha cerrado los ojos a un Ghetto de Varsovia del año 2016. Del que no se sabe ni el número de muertos, ya ni se cuentan. Cómo mínimo un millar.

US supplied F16 Jets wipe pout Kurdish city Nusybin in Turkey

US supplied F16 Jets helped wipe out Kurdish city Nusaybin and others in ”Nth Kurdistan”, Turkey

Nisêbîn, su nombre en kurdo, tenía 80.000 habitantes antes de que el gobierno turco del AKP decidiera borrarla del mapa. Hoy ya no están. Son refugiados en su propio país. Pero no los refugiados que pueden llegar a Europa. Son de los refugiados que no existen para nadie. Los que no se pueden pagar cruzar el Mar Egeo.

No llegarán a Grecia ni a Europa. Vagan por su propi Kurdistán ocupado, nunca mejor dicho, manu militari. Sus invasores los han dejado sin casas, literalmente. Más de 8.000 edificios han sido destruidos por las balas y las bombas turcas. Lo han perdido todo: su casa, sus bienes, sus recuerdos, sus calles. En Nisêbîn, ya no quedan ni perros, o los han matado o han huído.

Nusybin: street scene

Nusaybin: street scene

El diputado del HDP (Partido Democrático del Pueblo), Ali Atalan, al que se le acaba de retirar la inmunidad parlamentaria, ha cifrado en unos 900.000 € el daño económico. A ello hay que añadir las 50.000 personas que, ni ta sólo, han podido ir a vivir a otros lares. Los que lo han perdido todo. En las pocas paredes que quedan, los soldados, muchos de ellos neo fascistas turcos que saturan el ejército turco, han escrito: “Ahora vereis el poder de los turcos”.


Nusaybin Women: nusaybinli-kadinlar-topraklarini-terk-etmiyor-manset.

El ejército que ha cometido ésta salvajada es nuestro aliado, el segundo ejército de la OTAN. Y todo ello, rayándo la ignomínia, con el beneplácito de la Unión Europea. La que ha entregado a éste gobierno islamista turco 6000 millones de € para que se ocupe de las personas refugiadas que Europa repudia. Un gobierno que se acaba de gastar 500 millones de € en un palacio de mármol para su presidente, el asesino sanguinario Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Con nuestros impuestos, la UE, es la cómplica, necesaria, de un crimen horrendo. A veces, sin embargo, son más culpables los que callan que los asesinos. Cómo decía Martin Luther King: “Ësta generación se arrepentirá, no de sus malas acciones de los perversos sino del silencio de la buena gente”. Y esa buena gente calla, con un silencio atronador.b8a9e86861f765a0fca4ae67bdebbf8889995610_1455359382

Kurdish Demo in Strasburg against the continuing Genocide: ignored by the EU media as Turkey is fast tracked for EU membership

report from kurdiscat.with thanks  2016/05/27/   translation thefreeonline 



Legalise the PKK ! EU courts declare Kurdish group a ‘party to conflict’ and ‘not terrorist

21 women killed in ‘domestic violence’ in Turkey in October

By TM – November 3, 2020 MORE INFO HERE IN TURKISH: Kadına yönelik şiddet Ekim ayında da durmadı A report released by the Stop the Murder of Women Platform shows that 21 women in Turkey were victims of fatal domestic violence in October. According to the report the reasons for…November 6, 2020

In “social revolution”

“If They Touch One of Us, We All Respond!”..¡Si tocan a unx respondemos todxs![deutsche/español/english/turkish]

AntifaschismusFeminismus – AntisexismusAntirassismus – Migrationespagñolenglish 21.07. 2020 Faschismus und Patriarchat gehen Hand in Hand, Feminismus und Antifaschismus auch!!! In einem globalen Kontext, in dem uns ein Virus als Krieg verkauft wird, nutzen auch die faschistischen Apparate die Gelegenheit, ihre repressive Offensive weiter brutal umzusetzen. So ist es kein Zufall, dass…July 25, 2020

In “social revolution”

The Underground Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in Kurdish Turkey

After the Syrian Kurds’ fight for Kobane against ISIS in 2014-5, many across the world were suddenly made aware of the Kurdish women’s movement in Rojava, northern Syria. But it was already flourishing across the border in SE Turkey, where women joined in taking up the ideas of imprisoned Ocalan…September 18, 2019

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