The Rage of the Wind: As Fascism invades Europe again – Remember their Atrocities in Gran Canaria

from thefreeonline on May 21,2023 by Tulio Riomesta at RecueRda RepúBlica, read en Castellano aquí

The 4 men went down the narrow alleyway of the San Roque neighborhood with their hands tied behind their backs.

The Falangists did not stop hitting them with the butts of the Mausers. The landlord’s son Bonny’s weapon cut the skin just by touching it.

The Count’s nephew stayed back in the house of old Anselmo Fariñas to abuse his two daughters, fourteen and fifteen years old. Lucia, the youngest, couldn’t stand the multiple rape and bled to death.

Brutales asesinatos falangistas en Canarias / Más de 20.000 cuneteados …..

The destination of the four trade unionists from the Workers’ Federation was the municipality of Telde, where they were going to be thrown that same night into the Sima de Jinámar.

Fariñas found out from the comments of the uniformed officers about the death of his daughter. He began to struggle, to shout all kinds of insults at the henchmen.

He went crazy, he even let go of the pitera thread from his wrists, until they hit him on the head with an iron bar, leaving him on the ground in a pool of blood in the Plaza de Santa Ana, next to the cathedral in the colonial neighborhood of Vegueta.Bonny gave the immediate order to collect the body. The neighbors began to crowd around, to lean out of the windows. The order of the military commanders was that each murder be carried out with complete discretion, that no one find out directly, so that the precise moment of the crime was not seen.Old Fariñas had convulsions. He was throwing blood and foaming at the mouth. He was still alive when they put him in the truck. He emitted some unintelligible moans, he kept insulting the rapists and murderers of little Marta.

San Lorenzo municipal police sergeant Juan Pernía finished him off with a blow to the head from the butt inside the vehicle. The rest of the detained men, sitting on the ground, watched in horror as they took his life with a frightening methodology and the coldness of a butcher in a slaughterhouse.

The Conde de la Vega’s nephew took out the bottle of cane rum and toasted Bonny’s son, commenting on something about the most holy and “Great Crusade” that they had started since the night of July 18, 1936, where they had already assassinated more than 500 men from the island of Tamaran.

– This is just beginning Borja, in a few months we will have finished with all these fucking red sons of bitches, -he said with the bottle of alcohol in his hand.

Map of known mass graves of nazi victims in Spanish State

The men looked terrified. The three from San Roque, two from Tamaraceite, four from Arucas and one from Agaete, all inside the truck that was already climbing the slope of Sima de Jinámar amidst the smoke and deafening noise of the dilapidated vehicle that smelled of bunches of bananas.

Once the Falangists and Civil Guards parked, they beat them down. Pedro, the son of Saro Alemán, fell on his head and became semi-conscious. They kicked him up. It looked like a sinister procession. In a single file, tied up, walking towards the abyss of death.

The night was silent. Hot like almost all of August in the Canary Islands. The men did not speak, they only moved slowly between the blows and insults of the fascists. Bonny kept drinking with the Conde de la Vega’s nephew, they made fun of the smell of the inmates, of how two of them had shit on themselves.

“How filthy and cowardly are these fucking reds,” he said as he lit a Virginio.

Remembering what happened in Jinámar

They reached the edge of the volcanic hole and Pernía approached the youngest of the detainees, Pedro Bencomo, a day laborer in the Betancores tomato fields

He took him by the arm and the young man told him not to touch him, that he would throw himself. He advanced a few steps and threw himself into the void, nothing was heard for a few seconds as long as a galaxy, until the moment of the roar, blow after blow against the walls of the abyss.

The rest of the men were crying loudly. They begged for mercy, they begged for their children and their wives, but the fascists were implacable, throwing them out one by one, playing jokes, mocking how cowardly they were.


The bodies fell like stones, some even remained hanging on a ledge of the cliff. Their moans, their cries, their screams of pain were heard.

That’s good. That’s how the son of a bitch suffers more,” said the son of the tomato landowner.

It was almost dawn when they shot the last one.

– Let’s go to the village bar. I invite you, -said the nephew of Conde la Vega.

The uniformed men shouted with joy.

Arriba España! Long live Franco!

Original by Francisco González Tejera in Image in Sima de Jinámar de Wambo on Google maps

In MEMORY of the women and men of the Army of the Spanish REPUBLIC

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