Occupy the Roofs: Squatters Resist UK Evictions

A Fight on the Tiles

Rooftop protest as first Brighton squat busted under Weatherley’s new law

With the new squatting laws now in force, the first shot across the bows from Brighton Plod came this week when they waded into a London Road squat that had previously been empty for a year.

The first cops arrived around midday and the squatters explained that, since last week, no one was ‘living’ in the residential parts of the building and therefore no one was committing an offence. Unfortunately the police didn’t buy this explanation and eventually called in backup to smash down the door. While a jeering crowd of about 40 squatters, supporters and bemused passers-by watched, the police spent nearly ten minutes attacking the front door with a battering ram. Continue reading “Occupy the Roofs: Squatters Resist UK Evictions”

Resisting Mass Evictions Law in Britain.. Squat the Rich!

Building Resistance..  Squatters Rights abolished

Organising opposition to new anti-squat law

The date the new anti-squatting law comes into force in English and Welsh law has been set for September 1st. The Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) have issued a warning and a call to arms: “We are going to need to be more organised and look after each other better. We will need legal back-up available on the street, and people will need help moving quickly and storing their possessions. We need networks, linked up with others resisting evictions and attacks on housing rights.

The Eviction Resistance Network (ER) have emerged to counter to the new law and new enforcement techniques. They have already mobilised big numbers to resist several evictions, and their phoneline is open 24/7. Continue reading “Resisting Mass Evictions Law in Britain.. Squat the Rich!”

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