In Praise of Pirates. Hurrah for Ned Snowden! Pirate Utopias

pirateThe Rarely Told Story: Pirates as Radical Commoners

Kester Brewin, a teacher of mathematics in South East London, was wondering why his son has been invited to countless pirate-themed birthday parties, but not any aggravated robbery themed parties.  What’s the reason for our fascination with pirates?

Brewin’s answer is an amazing 13-minute video talk  for TEDx Exeter (UK) based on his 2012 book, Mutiny! Why We Love Pirates and How they Can Save Us. The talk is a powerful account of 18th century piracy and a plea for all of us to become pirates as acts of radical emancipation. Continue reading “In Praise of Pirates. Hurrah for Ned Snowden! Pirate Utopias”

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