Inside Story from Greece.. Solidarity needed

What’s really happening in Greece,  how nationalist Fascism is being used again in Europe, and how it might be stopped with solidarity.

No tolerance to the attacks of police and neonazi; we are together with the migrants. Hands off the Academic Asylum. Students Union of the Athens School of Economics

 Summer 2012, a report from Greece

by George Caffentzis via UniNomade

1. Arrival in Thessaloniki. It is July 5 and I just have arrived in Thessaloniki full of questions concerning the political situation in Greece. My trusted and knowledgeable friend meets me at the airport. In response to my impatient questions he immediately begins the tale of what happened in Greece and in Thessaloniki in particular over the last year, as he drives us into the city. Continue reading “Inside Story from Greece.. Solidarity needed”

Anarchists unite against Peru Repression

Sobre la creciente ola de represión en el Perú y el papel de los anarquistas

per Unión Socialista Libertaria – Perú 18 ago 2012
Pronunciamiento libertarioAnte este panorama de agudización del conflicto social y su consecuente criminalización urge la necesidad de consolidar y fortalecer las organizaciones populares por la defensa del agua, del medio ambiente y de nuestros derechos sociales. En el caso concreto de Conga, nosotros como anarquistas, pensamos que una salida viable al tema es potenciar la capacidad de respuesta y decisión de las propias comunidades afectadas y que esto se traduzca en su fuerza real para la administración y control directo de los recursos naturales que existan en sus tierras.

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Sobre la creciente ola de represión en el Perú y el papel de los anarquistas1.- El Estado peruano, Continue reading “Anarchists unite against Peru Repression”

Country Workers march Occupies royal Palace Hotel

en español abajo  The SAT , independent county workers trade union, yeasterday occupied the Moratalla Estate which inclyudes the palace Hotel  by Kaos. Andalusia
The SAT Palace Hotel occupies facilities Moratalla to eviction
More than 200 people, according to the organization, have entered “peacefully” in Moratalla, in the municipality of Hornachuelos Cordoba, in the second stage of labor march organized by the SAT. It contains the Hotel Palacio Moratalla. Continue reading “Country Workers march Occupies royal Palace Hotel”

Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!

‘The police are actually a tiny minority’ Greece 2011

Statement by members of The Alternative – Alternative Red and Green in La Mancha … July 27, 2012

The crisis not only continues but deepens, it becomes worse every day. And there is no escape from capitalism, because this system is in terminal crisis. Just look how governments (all, then and now) do not know what to do, how they lie every day saying that in a few months or years we will see how the cycle changes . But all we’ve seen is sinking living conditions, and the consequences paid by the vast majority. Our lives deteriorate and we lose the social gains that cost us so many struggles. And which we paid for with our work and our taxes, because power has given us nothing. Continue reading “Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!”

Porque no hay otra solución.. a la Revolución Social !

Porque no hay otra solución, a la Revolución Social

Comunicado del núcleo de militantes de Los Alternativos – Alternativa Roja y Verde en La Mancha… 27 de Julio de 2012

La crisis no sólo continúa, sino que se agrava, se hace cada día peor. Y no hay salida desde el capitalismo, porque este sistema está en crisis terminal. Sólo hay que ver cómo sus gobiernos (todos, los de ahora y los de antes) no saben qué hacer; cómo mienten cada día (desde hace años, ellos y sus medios de desinformación) diciendo que en unos meses o años veremos cómo cambia el ciclo económico. Pero lo único que hemos visto, vemos y veremos es cómo se hunden nuestras condiciones de vida, porque las consecuencias las pagamos la inmensa mayoría. Se deterioran nuestras vidas y perdemos las conquistas sociales que tanto tiempo y tantas luchas nos costaron. Y que hemos pagado con nuestro trabajo y nuestros impuestos, porque el poder no nos ha regalado nada.

Continue reading “Porque no hay otra solución.. a la Revolución Social !”

Occupy Barcelona: no Parties, no Leaders..

12M: Barcelona once again becomes a revolutionary hub

by Leonidas Oikonomakis on May 13, 2012

With the re-occupation of Plaça Catalunya, the movement in Barcelona once again finds itself on the front-line of a Global Spring of resistance.Photos by Rieko and Teresa, via AcampadaBCN FotoMovimientoMay 12, 2012 — “15-M”– Plaza CataluPost image for 12M: Barcelona once again becomes a revolutionary hubnya, BarcelonaTens of thousands of Catalans took to the streets, responding to the call for a second global day of action after October 15.

“We demand, firmly but without violence: social justice, wealth distribution and an ethic of commons. We condemn poverty, inequality, environmental devastation and corruption as tools of subjugation by the powerful on society”, according to the 12-M website. And in a country with 24 percent unemployment (6 million people) and 50 percent youth unemployment, these demands seem more urgent than ever before. Continue reading “Occupy Barcelona: no Parties, no Leaders..”

Chile:Dictator Laws used against anarchists, Mapuches…

By Pamela Sepúlveda

SANTIAGO, May 25, 2011 (IPS) – “What is happening in Chile isn’t justice; it’s a pantomime, because under the anti-terrorism law, there is absolutely no way justice can be done,” José Venturelli, spokesman for the European Secretariat of the Ethics Commission against Torture, said on a recent visit to this South American country.

The controversial law that Venturelli was referring to has been used to try members of Chile’s Mapuche indigenous community involved in the long-running struggle for their right to land.

Ramón Llanquileo, José Huenuche and Jonathan Huillical, sentenced to 20 years in prison, and Héctor Llaitul, sentenced to 25 years, began a hunger strike on Mar. 15 in a prison in southern Chile, demanding a fair and impartial retrial.
The four Mapuche activists were not actually tried under the counter-terrorism law, which dates back to the 1973-1990 dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet and has been widely condemned by the international community. But although they were tried under ordinary criminal law, the case against them was built on the investigation carried out under the anti-terrorism legislation, and their recent conviction was based on the testimony of police officers and anonymous witnesses.

The four were found guilty of theft of lumber and attempted murder for allegedly attacking a prosecutor riding in a motorcade in 2008 in the southern town of Tirúa, 700 km south of the capital.

Ten activists arrested is the so-called “caso bombas” (bombs case) ended a 65-day hunger strike in April, held to protest an alleged frame-up and their trial under the anti-terrorism law. They were arrested for allegedly setting off 29 bombs in Santiago in incidents dating back to 2005. But most of the supposed evidence against them was thrown out by the judge.

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Hunger Strike (Chile)

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, Prisionera Política Anarkista. Andrea Urzúa Cid, Prisionera Política Libertaria. Sección de Alta Seguridad (SEAS). Centro Penitenciario Femenino. Santiasko, $hile, 21 de Febrero de 2011.
Imprisoned August 14th comrades begin hungerstrike 21/2 (Chile)
via ACT FOR FREEDOM NOW!: Statement from Maximum Security prison: Regarding Hunger Strike (Chile).

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