Animal Rights from an Anarchist Perspective

from  Red Black Green,  shared with thanks.

”Ultimately though it is class struggle that drives change and that means we will not see the end of capitalism and human and animal exploitation until the vast majority embrace it”.

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…  In my view animal rights needs libertarian ideas more than ever before. In the recent years the movement in Britain has suffered unparalleled repression. This country is not unique in this either – as animal liberation has across the world, so in its wake has followed a state and corporate backlash.

Anarchism – with its critique of power, hierarchy and capitalism – can help us understand how repression works and how we can work to resist it.

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Related imageThe threat of far right and racist infiltration has grown as well. Attempts in the past to use AR as a vehicle for fascism failed. Now thanks to the internet, social media, low morale and  fragmentation – and the naïve belief some hold that fighting for animals takes precedence over everything else- extreme right wing groups are trying to gain a foothold.

These problems don’t affect animal rights alone. Anarchism and the libertarian left also face them.  The Earth First Journal published an article entitled “The New Face of the Radical Right” about Anarchist Nationalism. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? But some on the so-called radical right are suggesting building alliances with groups such as Earth First! to spread an anti-state but also nationalist/fascist agenda.12729321_1507503332890712_6185680978061315320_n.jpg Continue reading “Animal Rights from an Anarchist Perspective”

Solidarity with the ‘Blackmail 3’ .. Debbie gets 6 years

State Crackdown cover

People believed to be campaigning to close down the world’s third largest animal testing facility; Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), have repeatedly been subjected to arrest and harassment. Read more about the lab, government involvement and repression of campaigners here. Continue reading “Solidarity with the ‘Blackmail 3’ .. Debbie gets 6 years”

Tourists join in militant anti bullfight demo

All day historic demo on 23 of july against bullfighting in Plaça d’Alcudia, with some public support and surprising 5 busloads of deceived tourists, many of whom refused to enter or left crying and joined the demonstrators

Crònica de la manifestació del dia 23 de juliol contra la tauromàquia davant la plaça de bous d’Alcúdia, que es prolongà durant tota la correguda i rebé la simpatia dels turistes que abandonaren la plaça.

“La vostra entrada fa olor a sang”, “Assassins” i “Sou la vergonya d’aquest país” són els clams que ahir, per primera vegada, no es deixaren de sentir fora de la plaça de bous. Des que compraven les entrades i fins que sortiren, els còmplices de tal barbàrie foren increpats pels manifestants anti-taurins, recordant-los que els animals no són mercaderia i que són torturats i assassinats únicament per l’oci i els divertiment d’uns pocs. Continue reading “Tourists join in militant anti bullfight demo”
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