Which Way to Utopia?: Anarchist Spatial Theory

 by jessecohn


This is a fascinating Slide Essay which applies anarchist ideas to urban planning of all sorts.

How would the world appear if the rule of thge capitalist market were to end?

How would your barrio change if people’s power were to replace top down exploitation?

This Slide Show gives us a glimpse into a less insane world.

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Serial of the Free: Ch 8. Christo joins the Anarchists

  This Friday we leave Maxie’s story, just for one chapter, to visit old Christo Rylee, as Capitalism begins to collapse and the workers take over.


Act One

Chapter eight

Christo joins the Anarchists

-‘Hey here comes the old lap dog himself.’-

It was after seven by the time Christo Rylee left his office in the old transport Works and made his way slowly down the steep concrete steps, across the yard and out the big iron gates.

            The gatekeeper mouthed an obscenity, in place of his usual smile. Continue reading “Serial of the Free: Ch 8. Christo joins the Anarchists”

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