US set to bomb #Syria with Ridiculous Pretext.


Re-Blogging this from a few months baxck as the US  gets ready to start bombing, with the ridiculous pretext of chemical weapons, see here  Washington fabricates chemical weapons pretext for war against Syria  and Israel already started bombing...

STOP STOP STOP THEM NOWsyrian children

The final logic of Capitalism is war. The excuse of a ‘chemical weapons’ in Syria is as false as Saddam’s secret weapons. This time round more millions of innocents will die, to boost the profits of the US ‘War Economy’ Corporations who control the US Congress. This time round there is little protest, nobody believes they can be serious, but  this war is becoming daily more certain. Now is the time for the US  and UK public to stop a barbaric air blitz…

NATO poised to invade Syria – U.S. fleet on Syrian coast, 10,000 troops ready to go

In fact, we may be so close to another mid-eastern war that Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad is emphatically trying to find an exit: Continue reading “US set to bomb #Syria with Ridiculous Pretext.”

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