Murray Bookchin: anarchist heretic who Inspired Spreading Revolution in Middle East


Posted by Julius Gavroche  from shared with thanks        The ongoing uprisings and revolution in Rojava and parts of Turkey are largely modelled on the ‘municipal anarchist’ blueprint of Murray Bookchin, whose works had been neglected and often rejected, even by anarchists as being a ‘sellout’ or ‘anti worker’ etc.


When the majority Kurdish movement, influenced by jailed leader Ocalan, finally rejected Marxism and Stalinism it adapted Bookchin’s community, ecological and anti state organisational ideas.

In this series dedicated to anarcho-syndicalism, autonomies shares Murray Bookchin’s critical reflections on this tradition within anarchism, in the excellent essay, “The Ghost of Anarcho-Syndicalism”.  Whatever reservations we have regarding the direction of Bookchin’s anarchism towards a radically democratic municipalism, his emphasis on the communalist traditions of anarchism is of great importance, not only in reading the history of the anarchist movement, but also for critically engaging with the more recent “occupy movements” and the “anarchist” response to them. …

The Ghost of Anarcho-Syndicalism

by Murray Bookchin (1992)

One of the most persistent of human frailties is the tendency of individuals and groups to fall back, in times of a terribly fragmented reality, onto obsolete, even archaic ideologies for a sense of continuity and security.

Today we find this not only on the right, where people are evoking the ghosts of Nazism and deadly forms of an embattled nationalism, but also on the “left” (whatever that word may mean anymore), where many people evoke ghosts of their own, be they the Neolithic goddess cults that many feminist and ecological sects celebrate or the generally anti-civilizational ambiance that exists among young middle-class people throughout the English-speaking world.

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Brutal War rages as Turkish army attacks Autonomous Uprising

Peoples' Democratic Party celebration, Diyarbakir
We have dozens of reports, ignored by the West, of towns taken over and self-governance declared, despite shelling, air attacks, bombings, kidnap, torture by the massive army crackdown. The 2 yr peace process has been shattered by the insane power trip of the Turkish president.

Diyarbakır'da Kurban Bayramı'nda ihtiyaç sahiplerine kurban dağıtırken vahşice öldürülen Yasin Börü, Hasan Gökgöz ve Hüseyin Dakak mezarları başında anıldı. (Ömer Yasin Ergin - Anadolu Ajansı)
Diyarbakır’da Kurban Bayramı’nda ihtiyaç sahiplerine kurban dağıtırken

The popular democratic Kurdish uprising in Varto sparked by Turkish State atrocities continues, the governor has declared a state of emergency. #VartoWatch The city streets are barricaded and it is surrounded by a huge army buildup, including Cobra helicopters. 4 killed by army on 2nd day. Suburbs shelled. Electricity, water and telephone services have been cut off. Western press silent.

Turkish State attacks Kurdish liberation movement in acts of political genocide 

Political genocide operations conducted by security forces across Turkey and North Kurdistan in order to eliminate the Kurdish struggle are continuing increasingly as part of the war policies recently put into practice by the AKP government.Dozens of people are being detained and arrested in many cities and towns across North Kurdistan and Turkey on a daily basis.

Here are  posts  in English Kurdish

‘Kurdish people have no option but self-governance’


A suicide attack with an explosive-laden truck was carried out in Qamishlo city of West Kurdistan, Rojava, at 09:20 local time today.The explosives were detonated at a crossroads between the Asayish (Public Security) Headquarters and the industrial area in Enteriyê neighborhood. Nine civilians including a child and one member of asayish forces have lost their lives in the suicide attack which was conducted with tons of explosives. […]

NEWS CENTER – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about the recent developments in North Kurdistan, the Kurdish region of Turkey. […

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Explicación del Anarquismo Municipal: La Alternativa Práctica de Rojava

 La municipalización de la Economía

por Janet Biehl.. traducción ..The Freerojava-revolutionA medida que la revolución Rojava continúa, la naturaleza de su economía ha sido muy discutido. Como he escrito anteriormente, Rojava aspira a una economía social basada en las cooperativas. En las últimas semanas, varias personas me han preguntado por las ideas de Murray Bookchin sobre la economía: ¿cuáles son los aspectos económicos del municipalismo libertario? He creado un resumen de su pensamiento aquí, sobre la base de los recursos enumerados al final de este artículo. -Janet Biehl

Anarquía en Rojava: Una revolución libertaria en el Medio Oriente desde en Vimeo.

En una economía capitalista, los medios de producción, la industria y al igual que la tierra, las materias primas y acabadas, la riqueza financiera se concentran en manos privadas. La alternativa es una economía social, en el que la propiedad de dichos bienes, en todo o en parte, se desplaza a la sociedad en su conjunto….. Continue reading “Explicación del Anarquismo Municipal: La Alternativa Práctica de Rojava”

Municipal Anarchy Explained.. the Practical Rojava Alternative

Municipalization of the Economy

As the Rojava revolution continues, the nature of its economy has been much discussed. As I have written previously, Rojava aspires to a social economy based on cooperatives. In recent weeks, several people have asked me for Murray Bookchin’s ideas about the economy: what are the economic aspects of libertarian municipalism? I’ve put together a summary of his thinking here, based on the sources listed at the end of this article. –Janet Biehl
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