Nikos Romanos: “Requiem for a Journey of No Return”

Nikos Romanos is a young anarchist imprisoned in Greece for revolutionary acts.

“Requiem for a Journey of No Return”

by  Nikos Romanos (extract from Contra Infos.)Untitled

…….”If we close our eyes and ears to the ceaseless flow of dominant propaganda, we’ll be able to listen to the thousands of anonymous deaths in police stations, terrestrial and maritime border areas, concentration camps, psychiatric institutions and prisons, war zones across the Middle East, and sweatshops that exterminate contemporary slaves. greeceAnyone can hear the cries of people who are being tortured in police cells, who commit suicide in a confinement facility out of desperation, who are sunk by coast guard cops and drowned in the cold waters of the Mediterranean Sea, who are crippling their bodies over multinationals’ production machines in third world countries, who are buried under rubble after blind aerial bombardments conducted by capitalist empires. Continue reading “Nikos Romanos: “Requiem for a Journey of No Return””

Contrainfos 89.NIKOS RIOTS.Free Marina.ANTI OIL SWIM-IN

[Contrainfos 89]video in Catalan and Spanish
December 10, 20144

Welcome to contrainfos 89, again live from l’infoespai in the Plaza del Sol. This week we present a panorama of some calls to action and some self-organisation


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Nikos Romanos ends strike. World solidarity helps Triumph

nikos-romanosNikos Romanos has triumphed. After 31 days of hunger strike and thirst strike beginning today the Greek government has yielded to his demands and has agreed to allow leave to study, as Nikos claimed and to which he was legally entitled.With this agreement consisting of about 6 months distance learning from prison first, then exit permits on electronic tracking device to study later, Nikos Romanos abandoned today the hunger strike and thirst having not only jeopardized the Greek state, but having overcome with a historic hunger strike.

Few is any similar examples can be found of the solidarity movement that has risen with this hunger strike.ÓÕÍÅÄÑÉÁÓÇ ÕÐÏÕÑÃÉÊÏÕ ÓÕÌÂÏÕËÉÏÕ Continue reading “Nikos Romanos ends strike. World solidarity helps Triumph”

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