Occupied Centre ‘the Female Dragon’ under attack

la dragonaLa Dragona..the Female Dragon is the only Occupied Autonomous Social Centre that’s part of a cemetery… But it is very much alive, since 2008 resisting all attacks and setting the social and political scene in Elipa Barrio alight with it’s fiery breath.jornadas-de-sexualidad-colectivoalia1

Now the Council say they want the abandoned historic mansion back to make it a museum.. To fill it with DEAD THINGS.

In reality the authorities are still furious.. that an open Social Centre can work well for years and years.. outside their control, ignoring all their rules and regulations and police, seeking no grants, deciding all by open assembly, making no profits, creating a small FREE SPACE where creativity Cartel-Fiesta-F202explodes like the beans in Spring.. and worst of all.. demonstrating that anarchist ideas can work.

Only last week the classic Occupied Center ‘La Morada’ was evicted by the police with no eviction order and 32 arrests.

Below we translate the Communique from the female Dragon Collective and assembly which appeared on Twitter  Continue reading “Occupied Centre ‘the Female Dragon’ under attack”

2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors

Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order
Confront Capitalist Chaos with Anarchist Order

In parts of Spain it’s a good moment for social occupations . In Barcelona, Madrid and other cities local council elections have suddenly swept street revolutionaries into power, with a mandate to slow down mass evictions by the predator banks, etc.

Strange things can happen. For example in her 1st days in power Barcelona’s mayoress Ada Colau turned up at a family eviction herself and just ordered the riot police to go home.  We translate here the  press release of a more traditional anarchist  takeover in a traditionally communist workers town of 70,000 in Catalonia…… Continue reading “2 new Anarchist Social Centres Occupied: Rubí and Transformadors”

The Assembly of Occupied Gardens, CSOA Horta,

cropped-dfghjk333http://horta.noblogs.org/  en valenciá abaix

Little Vegetable Gardens

In the Assenbly of the occupied CSOA ( in Benimaclet barrio, central Valencia, Iberia) we thought it would be a good idea to start a garden in the open desert that existed in front of the squat centre. Continue reading “The Assembly of Occupied Gardens, CSOA Horta,”

The Expropriated Bank: Communiqué as Eviction Delayed Again.

fight for what we loveThe ‘Expropriated Bank’ is one of 7 occupied social centers in  ex banks in and around Barcelona.  Though long overdue for eviction the State has hesitated, perhaps a bit nervous after failing to evict Can Vies last year due to huge solidarity.

Maybe they don’t want to coincide with widespread public anger at the jailing of 7 activists for being anarchists.  (Mass Demos vs. Gag law and Arrest of Anarchists)

Perhaps they wish to avoid more opposition to their corrupt banks which have presided over the eviction of up to half a million people to balance their crooked books.

Whatever the reason the ‘Expropriated Bank’ in Gracia barrio is still going strong. Here’s a translation of their latest communiqué….. Continue reading “The Expropriated Bank: Communiqué as Eviction Delayed Again.”

Resistance as nazi MSR opens ‘white Spanish only’ occupied center.

en castellano más abajo

Series of big anti-nazi demos against fascist squatters…   Anti- fascists seize ‘white Spanish only’ food stall and distribute to all..   Fascist squatters may have owners permission… Squatters movement disowns fascist squat… Police turn blind eye to nazi ”okupas” in Tetuan barrio….   Fascist thugs from MSR squat injure local youths..  Media equates nazi’ Social Home’ with long existing popular and anti racist Squat center ‘La Enrededera’ to demand its eviction.

neighbourhood protest against nazi occupation
                                                        neighbourhood protest against nazi occupation

They are not squatters: they are Nazis

alternative Housing Office Madrid
On 18 August, the neo-Nazi group Social Republican Movement (MSR) announced on social media their entry into an abandoned building in Madrid’s Tetuan barrio and fheir intention to turn it into a social center for  ‘those in need’  provided they were white and of Spanish nationality. .

Opening a such center in the district with the largest migrant population of Madrid and the opposition it generated among neighbors attracted media attention, especially after the massive demonstration against held the same day as opening of the center, on August 30.

Since then, it has been common to see the press referred to the center as a squatted buildingand members of the neo-Nazi group as “squatters” in an error which is then repeated in social networks. The center is equated with the squatting movement, which has always had among its main objectives the recovery of abandoned homes to become social centers and buildings.

Continue reading “Resistance as nazi MSR opens ‘white Spanish only’ occupied center.”

Can Vies Rebellion Day 4 #EfectoCanVies

latest updates

Can Vies re-occupied! Rebuilding Begins! 30 May,morning.

2nd day Barcelona riots for eviction/demolition of Can Vies

3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies


For the 4th straight day Barcelona’s Sants barrio was the scene of burning barricades and police charges. The evening demo  and pot banging was entirely peaceful but later on main streets were closed as incidents multiplied. Continue reading “Can Vies Rebellion Day 4 #EfectoCanVies”

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