Spain: fortress Europe: immigrants storm fences, occupy islets

Paramilitary Spanish Civil Guards have evacuated this morning  83 immigrants who remained in the small island of land in the archipelago of Al Hoceima, and delivered to the Moroccan gendarmerie to most of them.

The eviction occurred this morning and concluded at 4:30, according to the sources, who have indicated that they are 73 persons transferred to Morocco, which is a few meters from shore islet of Spanish sovereignty.

Spain, meanwhile, has arrested 10 immigrants, according to the agreement reached last night between the two countries for the evacuation of Earth Island and the distribution of its occupants, in two groups arrived there last week.

The eight children and two mothers who were in the Earth Island this morning have been moved to Melilla, where they received medical care. It is expected that most leave the hospital today to begin the process marked in the Aliens Act, and from there, the Temporary Centre for Immigrants Prison (CETI) Melilla or a shelter, in the case of minors who traveling alone. Continue reading “Spain: fortress Europe: immigrants storm fences, occupy islets”

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