Brazilians Revolt: Post-Coup Politicos to pass ‘Social Massacre’ Package and block Anti-Corruption

>> Parlamento de Brasil aprueba enmienda que congela inversión social por 20 años

 Brazil’s Congress voted by 400 to 1 to reject an anti corruption bill signed by 2.5 million citizens, and gave themselves more immunity. Now they vote through massive cuts and  sell off public assets to foreign corporations at bargain prices.57aa51e2c361880a418b456b
Amid massive protests, neoliberal government installed after coup aims to lock 20-year spending freeze into constitution

by Nadia Prupis, 12 Comments   Brazil’s new neoliberal government has pushed through the most socially retrogressive austerity package in the world, as  a  United Nations official had warned on Friday, calling the proposed 20-year freeze on social spending a “radical measure, lacking in all nuance and compassion.”

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Under President Michel Temer, who seized power after a coup ousted the democratically elected Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s first female president, the spending freeze will be locked into the country’s constitution.

The senate held a final vote on the measure Tuesday 13th and it  was passed by the servile corrupt politicians.

In response to the news, Philip Alston, the U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, decried the bill known as PEC55.

“This is a radical measure, lacking in all nuance and compassion,” he said in a statement, calling the package an attack on the poor. “It is completely inappropriate to freeze only social expenditure and to tie the hands of all future governments for another two decades. This amendment  will place Brazil in a socially retrogressive category all of its own.”Image result for brasil protesta dec 12

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 Riots, Demonstrations, and Freeway Shutdowns Continue Into Third Night

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November 10, 2016

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Photo published for Highway 87 in San Jose Shut Down by Anti-Trump Protesters

Highway 87 in San Jose Shut Down by Anti-Trump Protesters

Highway 87 in San Jose, near Mineta San Jose International Airport, was shut down Thursday night when anti-Trump protesters chanting “Yes we can!” took over the freeway.

Global resistance against fascism, racism, homophobia, sexism & nationalism January 20, 2017. In DC & around the globe!

Video: thousands on Interstate 94, blocking traffic in protest of President-Elect Donald Trump

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