UK State Terror: ‘Fracksurfers’ jailed for opposing climate meltdown

The British Government has overruled local councils to promote fracking and its right wing courts have begun to give prison sentences to anti fracking protestors despite firm evidence that it is climate and environmental dynamite.

Blackpool Activists Jailed for Anti-Fracking Protest

by Frances Perraudin    ..  shared with thanks

Three environmental activists are believed to be the first people to receive jail sentences for an anti-fracking protest in the UK.DoARqKKXsAA8vrAFreedom for the #FrackFree4  

Simon Roscoe Blevins, 26, and Richard Roberts, 36, were given 16 months in prison and Richard Loizou, 31, got 15 months on Wednesday after being convicted of causing a public nuisance by a jury at Preston crown court in August. Continue reading “UK State Terror: ‘Fracksurfers’ jailed for opposing climate meltdown”

UK Anti Frackers are Winning.. Reclaim The Power.. Fracking Rig Sabotaged

Join the Rolling Resistance to the frackersImage result for Reclaim the Power

Al Wilson invites you to take part in a month of anti-fracking action in Lancashire with Reclaim the Power

July 12, 2017  5 min read

See more details, including a daily schedule, on Reclaim the Power’s website.

The battle against extreme energy is intensifying. Fracking firm Cuadrilla began construction of a super-sized hydraulic fracturing well pad at Little Plumpton, Lancashire in January.

They have been been met by daily resistance from local protectors who know the water, land and air will be poisoned if they do not act. People fear their peaceful rural neighbourhood being turned into an industrialised gas field.

Image result for Reclaim the Power

Throughout this month, people from across the country are gathering on the Fylde, near Blackpool, to support these frontline communities, in the fight against fracking, as part of The Rolling Resistance. Continue reading “UK Anti Frackers are Winning.. Reclaim The Power.. Fracking Rig Sabotaged”

Activists dressed as animals invade Bell Pottinger to protest fracking     Today 40 activists dressed as animals invaded PR firm Bell Pottinger in central London to expose their ties with fracking. Today’s activities closed the national ‘Break the Chain’ fortnight of action by Reclaim the Power [1].

The activists staged an animal-themed intervention of the Bell Pottinger offices, with zebras throwing leaves, monkeys spreading animal manure and a squid spraying ‘ink’ on the windows. The scene was left in chaos with messages reading “Break the Chain” and “We said No”.Image result for Activists dressed as animals invade Bell Pottinger to protest fracking

The group said they were targeting the company due to their continual support of fracking since they helped clean up Cuadrilla’s reputation following an earthquake caused by them attempting to frack in 2011 in Blackpool [2]. Bell Pottinger currently represent Centrica who are a major fracking investor in the UK[3][4]. Continue reading “Activists dressed as animals invade Bell Pottinger to protest fracking”

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