Carlos y Carmen -Jail for Striking- Absolución

Carlos and Carmen are two activists from Granada sentenced to three years

and a day in prison for participating in an informational picketing, in the general strike

that took place in 29th of March, 2012. Their last appeal has been denied.



En el marco de la campaña por la absolución de l@s compañer@s Carlos y Carmen, condenados por participar en un piquete informativo del 15 M en la Huelga General del 29 M del 2012, se han entregado…
Added on 5/12/2014

Mayday 2014: worldwide photos and comments

Turkey, May 1st 2014.

With International Workers’ Day taking place in a world riven by economic crisis, we’re sharing short reports, pictures and videos on May Day protests and celebrations around the world.

Below are some short reports, pics or videos of May Day protests. Let us know if you’ve seen any more!

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Yo Occupy! Join the #WaveOfAction –from Friday 4th April

1522034_221182471408910_1689310383_nFollow #WaveOfAction and #YouAreNeeded. | OccupyWallSt.orgWorld | NYC | London | Chicago | Boston | Reno, Nevada | Fort Wayne, Indiana | Orange County, CA | Windhoek, Namibia | Philadelphia | Mississippi | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Amsterdam | Seville, Spain | Lansing, Michigan | 5 cities in Tennessee | Ontario, Canada | Various cities, Germany | Johannesburg, Za | Various cities, South Africa | Sydney, Australia | Continue reading “Yo Occupy! Join the #WaveOfAction –from Friday 4th April”

Serial of The Free Ch 35. On Broken Tree Hill

The Free 1990****************

Act Four

Chapter thirty five

 On Broken Tree Hill

-‘I was turning into a powerful switched-on woman.’-

Maxie narrating

-‘Slow down Maxie, Maxie wait for me.’-

Freewheeling, bicycles clattering, skirting bumps and ruts. Me and Macker raced down the steep, narrow, twisting lane.

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“The Assassination of Hugo Chavez” see the film

why_we_occupy_dvdBig Oil, Big Ketchup and “The Assassination of Hugo Chavez”

By Greg Palast, January 9, 2012.  Source: truthout

Free Download the film here:

Greg Palast reviews the extraordinary career of Venezuelan President and Robin Hood figure Hugo Chavez, how he has cheated kidnap and assassination and may yet cheat death by maintaining his accomplishments.

Venezuelan President Chavez once asked me why the US elite wanted to kill him. My dear Hugo: It’s the oil. And it’s the Koch Brothers – and it’s the ketchup.

[As a purgative for the crappola fed to Americans about Chavez, my foundation, The Palast Investigative Fund, is offering the film, The Assassination of Hugo Chavez, as a free download here. Based on my several meetings with Chavez, his kidnappers and his would-be assassins, it was filmed for BBC Television. DVDs also available.]

Reverend Pat Robertson said: Hugo Chavez thinks we’re trying to assassinate him. I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. Continue reading ““The Assassination of Hugo Chavez” see the film”

Serial of The Free. Ch 21. Remaking James


Act two  Chapter twenty one

Remaking James

-‘Dangerous Anarchist Subversives.. High Value Priority’-

James paused, white-faced and sweaty, pinched his long nose and glanced casually behind him. Then he hurried on, a tall figure in black, with brown sunglasses and a plastic bag.

He’d taken a taxi to the city edge of the Ragwort area, had come in a side lane to avoid any cameras.

A narrow street of boarded shops and gaily whitewashed squats. What a mistake to say he’d wear black! No one wore black, not on the hottest day in history, and he stood out a mile, the old men were pottering about in their swimming togs.

James glanced back again. -‘Relax you idiot.’- This was after all a no-go area for police. Continue reading “Serial of The Free. Ch 21. Remaking James”

Madrid: Workers OCCUPY Hospital de La Princesa.

update 9th November.. there are now EIGHT hospitals partly or wholly occupied in the Madrid area, to stop mass selloffs and closures

The OCCUPATION of the Hospital de La Princesa (started on Friday) has been a boost for the rest of health professionals in the region. Workers of all hospitals are organizing to Madrid holding demonstrations in protest against attempts to privatize Health system of the Community of Madrid , say the health officials of CCOO, UGT and CSIT unions.
Workers even plan to extend the OCCUPATION to six hospitals whose management will be private in 2013: Continue reading “Madrid: Workers OCCUPY Hospital de La Princesa.”

Adbusters call for horizontal Revolution

A message from Adbusters: Look at what’s happening in Quebec … the boldness of the media democracy movement in Mexico … the teenagers leading an education revolt in Chile … the Pussy Riot inspired art war unnerving Putin in Russia … and the new post-capitalist ways of living being forged in Greeceand Spain.

Witness the growing tempo of green riots across China, the South African minerstrikes, the corruption protests of India, the freedom fight in Bahrain, the tremors of dissent in Saudi Arabia, the total loss of confidence in America’s corporate-funded Coke-Pepsielection show.

Then, add to that the crippling droughts, looming food scarcity, the end of easy oil and the tipping points hovering ominously on the horizon … Continue reading “Adbusters call for horizontal Revolution”

Somontes..Reocupado en 24 hrs! Land and Liberty!

Cerca de 100 personas han reocupado a primera hora del viernes la finca Somontes, una hacienda de casi 400 hectáreas que la Junta de Andalucía mantiene sin uso en Palma del Río, Córdoba. La toma se produce menos de 24 horas después de que la Guardia Civil desalojara a los ocupantes.

About 100 people have reoccupied the early hours of Friday Somontes estate, an estate of nearly 400 hectares of Andalusia remains unused in Palma del Río, Córdoba. The decision comes less than 24 hours after the Civil Guard to evict the occupants.

“No se han llevado nada de material, tan sólo algunas fotos”, informa Víctor, uno de los jornaleros y miembro del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT), impulsor de la acción. “Pero si no hubiéramos vuelto, las huertas estarían sin riego y las gallinas se habrían muerto de sed o se las hubieran comido los perros”, continúa.

“There has been no material taken, only some pictures,” says Victor, one of the laborers and union member Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT), driver of the action. “But if we had not returned, would be no watering gardens and chickens would have died of thirst or the dogs might have eaten them,” he continues.

Porque la ocupación no pretende ser sólo una denuncia de la falta de uso de los terrenos públicosen este caso, pendientes de una subasta, sino una vía de autoempleo para jornaleros y jornaleras en paro que están participando en la ocupación.

Because the occupation is not intended as only an allegation of non-use of public lands in this case, pending an auction, but a way of self-employment for unemployed day laborers who are participating in the occupation.

Poco antes de las tres de la tarde del viernes la Guardia Civil no se había presentado para hacer ninguna nueva identificación. Los y las ocupantes se dedican ahora a reordenar lo revuelto por el cuerpo armado (“han dejado alguna casa echa trizas, con todo revuelto y embarrado”) y a preparar los detalles del acto central del 1 de mayo que el SAT organiza precisamente en la finca ocupada. La organización prevé varios conciertos, así como talleres de autoformación sobre técnicas agrarias tradicionales.

Shortly before three o’clock in the afternoon of Friday, the Civil Guard had not submitted the occupiers  to any further identification. The occupants are engaged and now it scrambled to reorganize the destrruction by the miltary police.  (“left a house check shredding, yet turbulent and muddy”) and prepare the details of the central act of May 1 the SAT union organized precisely on the squatted farm e. The organization provides for several concerts and workshops on traditional agricultural techniques .

El SAT impulsó la ocupación de la hacienda el 4 de marzo. Las 400 hectaŕeas, en su mayoría de secano, de la finca de Somontes son sólo una parte de las 400.000 hectáreas de terreno agrícola que, según el sindicato, son propiedad de la Junta y mantiene improductivas.

The SAT drove the occupation of the property on 4 March. The 400 hectares, mostly rainfed farm Somontes are only part of the 400,000 hectares of agricultural land, according to the union, are the property of the Board and remains unproductive.


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