Official Statement From Tom Goldtooth, of The Indigenous Environmental Network:

We are appalled by today’s forced evacuations of indigenous people at the Camp at Standing Rock, they are a violent and unnecessary infringement on the constitutional right of water protectors to peacefully protest and exercise their freedom of speech. It hinders the camp clean up process and creates confusion and chaos that puts the Missouri River at risk of pollution from construction and camping debris.

Today’s expulsion is a continuation of a centuries old practice, where the U.S. Government forcefully removes Indigenous people from our lands and territories.

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We urge supporters of the water protectors to continue to resist this travesty by organizing mass mobilizations, distributed actions, speaking out against the violations of the Treaty rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Seven Council Fires of the Great Sioux Nation, and continuing to source up the capacity for litigation and grassroots organizing against the Dakota Access pipeline.IEN release
Our hearts are not defeated. The closing of the camp is not the end of a movement or fight, it is a new beginning.

They cannot extinguish the fire that Standing Rock started. It burns within each of us. We will rise, we will resist, and we will thrive.

We are sending loving thoughts to the water protectors along the banks of the Cannonball River, today. May everyone be as safe as can be. #noDAPL

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#NoDAPL Solidarity Week of Action starts NOW as Drilling Begins

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Mobilize for #NoDAPL Solidarity Week of Action!

=The NoDAPL Global Solidarity Campaign has called for a Week of Action from February 12th – 17thThe Army Corps has approved the final easement and drilling has begun! The Solidarity Campaign is asking for supporters to take action and escalate pressure against corporations that are funding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

From #NoDAPL Solidarity:

We are calling all able bodied, prepared Water Protectors to the frontlines! Come to camp prepared! The conditions are hazardous and North Dakota State Legislature is passing laws that target Water Protectors! Be prepared for these conditions. Several contingents of US Veterans are on their way back to camp. Join us! We need you now! This is our last stand! Continue reading “#NoDAPL Solidarity Week of Action starts NOW as Drilling Begins”

What Is Mutual Aid.. Great Submedia Video


‘In a world ruled by ceaseless capitalist competition, where people are pitted to work against each other, anarchists offer a different vision: Mutual Aid. Continue reading “What Is Mutual Aid.. Great Submedia Video”

Wolves returning to Catalonia after 80 years

The return of the wolf in Catalonia, excellent news that the government should strengthen
the wolf

 en catalá  sota    The appearance of wolves in the counties of Cerdanya and Ripollès is good news for biodiversity in Catalonia. The wolf, like all predators, is a ey element in the operation and restoration o biodiversity.

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The wolf is back, and has even been spotted in Valles Oriental County, just 50 kms from Barcelona!( see map)

Until the nineteenth century, the wolf was distribute in most of the Catalan region, the last one was reortedly killed in 1929. Last year remote cameras were installed in the Ripolles County with 6 sightings and 3 in Cerdanya.  It is hoped that stable breeding packs will become established and pass the threshold of no return to boost Catalan biodiversity.
Continue reading “Wolves returning to Catalonia after 80 years”

Bangladeshis’ 400km march STOP COAL NOW

Activists moving from Dhaka to world’s largest mangrove forest say coal plant construction threatens environment.
The Sundarbans are home to the the largest reserves for the Bengal Tiger
The Sundarbans are home to the the largest reserves for the Bengal Tiger
Hundreds of protesters have embarked on a march from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka to the world’s largest mangrove forest region in the south, to demonstrate against government plans to build huge coal power plants near the forests.
Protesters demand the cancellation of a proposed coal-based power plant at Rampal in Bagerhat and ship-breaking yards at Patharghata in Barguna
Protesters demand the cancellation of a proposed coal-based power plant at Rampal in Bagerhat and ship-breaking yards at Patharghata in Barguna

Activists taking part in the 400km “march”, taking off on a bus convoy on Thursday, fear that pollution from the two proposed coal plants will lead to the destruction of the heavily biodiverse Sundarbans that is both a UNESCO World Heritage site and Samarco-protected wetland.

Indian coal power plants kill 120,000 people a year,
Indian coal power plants kill 120,000 people a year,-Guardian

The 10,000 sq km forest region, most of which is situated in Bangladesh with a small part in neighbouring India, is home to numerous endangered species, including the Royal Bengal tigers, the estuarine crocodile, and the South Asian river dolphin.


Sundarban is the world’s largest mangrove forest and a UNESCO world’s heritage site. This proposed power plant is going to be built within 14 km of the forest, more precisely just 9km away from many reserved sections…

Another Oil disaster in Amazon: Ecocide in Peru

Peru – Three devastating oil spills have occurred in the Peruvian Amazon since January 25th spilling thousands of barrels of oil into Amazonian rivers.

The first rupture of the North Peruvian Pipeline occurred on Jan. 25 in the municipality of Imaza-Chiriaco, Amazonas region, where it’s estimated that between 2,000 and 3,000 barrels of crude were spilled over the three days it took Petroperu to repair the pipeline.1314192

The spilled oil affected the Inayo, Chiriaco and Marañon (an Amazon tributary) rivers and the Suashapea, Pakunt, Chiriaco, Nuevo Progreso, Nazareth and Nuevo Horizonte indigenous communities, Digesa’s resolution said. Continue reading “Another Oil disaster in Amazon: Ecocide in Peru”

World Wide Marches Against Monsanto


‘March Against Monsanto’ planned for over 50 countries. On May 24, millions of activists from around the world will once again March Against Monsanto, calling for the permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals. Currently, marches will occur on six continents, in 52 countries,with events in over 400 cities. In the US, solidarity marches are slated to occur in 47 states.  A comprehensive list of marches.

Continue reading “World Wide Marches Against Monsanto”

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