Brazil: Forest Law passed by fascist landlords..Amazon defenders killed.

Câmara aprova Código Florestal

The Folha de Sao Paolo reports the passing of the forest law, pushed through today by powerful extreme right landlords, headed oddly by  populist communist Aldo.-

No details of final version given .

No mention of the amnesty for previous forest crimes which, imposed by the fascist landlords, now make ALL LAWS in the Amazon a laughing stock, and have caused a 6 fold increase already in the criminal destruction of our world heritage.

The influential Folha da Sao Paolo also fails to mention the murder of  the pro Amazon activist José Claudio Ribeira da Silva and his wife Maria, at least on their front pages of the digital edition , even though the police have attributed it to the loggers mafia, especially as their ears were cut off. Another terrorist murder, but one which will be celebrated by mining, logging and ranching companies.

This goes together with the signing of contracts for BP to extract deep sea oil, and the go ahead for the Belo Monte dam.

aybe the terrorists were celebrating the coming Forest Law.


Após semanas de embate, negociações e troca de acusações, a Câmara dos Deputados aprovou ontem o texto da reforma do Código Florestal com alterações que significaram uma derrota para o governo.

Uma emenda aprovada por 273 votos a 182 rachou a base do governo levando os principais partidos governistas, PT e PMDB, para lados opostos. O texto da emenda consolida a manutenção de atividades agrícolas nas APPs (áreas de preservação permanente), autoriza os Estados a participarem da regularização ambiental e deixa claro a anistia para os desmates ocorridos até junho de 2008.

O líder do governo, Cândido Vaccarezza (PT-SP), chegou a falar, em nome da presidente Dilma Rousseff, que a aprovação da emenda seria “uma vergonha”.

Dilma recebe ex-ministros que são contra texto de lei florestal
Relator do Código Florestal critica ex-ministros de Meio Ambiente
Impasse regimental impede votação do Código Florestal, diz Rebelo
Governo cede para votar nova lei florestal

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José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva speaking at TEDx Amazon in 2010
José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva speaking at TEDx Amazon in 2010

[URGENT: Please join the new avaaz sign-on letter. It is in Portuguese for Brazilian officials but you can easily enter your name, email and country. Please help the Brazilian forest defenders NOW.]

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José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife, Maria do Espírito Santo da Silva, were gunned down last night in an ambush in the city of Nova Ipixuna in the Brazilian state of Pará. Da Silva was known as a community leader and an outspoken critic of deforestation in the region.

Police believe the da Silvas were killed by hired assassins because both victims had an ear cut off, which is a common token for hired gunmen to prove their victims had been slain, according to local police investigator, Marcos Augusto Cruz, who spoke to Al Jazeera. Suspicion immediately fell on illegal loggers linked to the charcoal trade that supplies pig iron smelters in the region.

José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva, who also went by the nickname ‘Ze Claudio’, was a vocal critic of illegal logging in Pará, a state in Brazil that is rife with deforestation. He also worked as a community leader of an Amazon reserve that sold sustainably harvested forest products.

Da Silva had received countless death threats and had frequently warned that he could be killed at any time, however he was refused protection by officials.

“I will protect the forest at all costs. That is why I could get a bullet in my head at any moment … because I denounce the loggers and charcoal producers, and that is why they think I cannot exist,” da Silva said in a TED Talks last November, adding “but my fear does not silence me. As long as I have the strength to walk I will denounce all of those who damage the forest.”

Clara Santos, the niece of the da Silvas, told BBC that the couple had suffered death threats for 14 years. A report compiled by Brazil’s Catholic Land Commission, a human rights group, in 2008 listed Da Silva as one of the environmental activists most likely to be assassinated.

The double assassination comes at a fateful time for the Amazon rainforest. Politicians in Brazil are considering changing to its Forest Law, which would allow ranchers and farmers to cut down a higher percentage of forest on their land. A vote may occur today.

Brazilian environmental journalist, Felipe Milanez, has said the assassination of da Silva has created ‘another Chico Mendes’. Mendes was a rubber trapper turned Amazon activist whose 1988 assassination catalyzed efforts to save the Amazon.

Da Silva’s killing comes six years after Dorothy Stang, an American nun who fought against deforestation, was slain by gunmen hired by a cattle rancher, also in the state of Pará. Her death was met by a sharp crack-down by the Brazilian against illegal fore

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BP recently announced that the Brazilian National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) has approved its bid to purchase 10 exploration and production blocks in Brazil from Devon Energy. BP had declared its decision to buy the assets from Devon in March 2010, and had been waiting for the regulatory approvals from ANP since then.

However, the ANP put the deal in Brazil on hold — admittedly to see how BP contains the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — and finally cleared it now seeing BP’s response to the world’s largest accidental oil spill.

With the Brazilian deepwaters showing a lot of promise in terms of oil and gas reserves, BP’s exploration in the area is expected to primarily add to the company’s oil production capacity in the years to come.

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Beef industry destroying Amazon

Brazilian beef industry blamed for Amazon deforestation

McDonalds top list of world criminals

Boots and training shoes are not the first things that spring to mind when you think about the causes of rainforest destruction and climate change, but just because the connection isn’t obvious doesn’t mean it isn’t realm, says Greenpeace in a new report, “Slaughtering the Amazon”



Greenpeace fingers out Lula da Silva’s complacency with the industry and ranchers Greenpeace fingers out Lula da Silva’s complacency with the industry and ranchers illegal deforestation and in some cases slavery, via giant processing facilities to the supply chains of some of the best known global brands. Shoe companies like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Timberland and even Clarks are sourcing a significant proportion of their leather from the Amazon – and its big business.

via Brazilian beef industry blamed for Amazon deforestation — MercoPress.

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