Refugees WELCOME…No Borders No Nations

no borderWelcoming refugees is the first step to freedom and justice by Matt Mellen

The fossil fuel agenda doesn’t just deny the perilous state of the world; it causes it. This wilful obfuscation of responsibility has a human face when politicians and media barons outdo each other to dehumanise the desperate people on our borders.


The mainstream right wing press is awash with racist fear-mongering, reminiscent of the darkest periods of human history.

Refugees are abused daily in the popular press – compared to cockroaches in The Sun, and even the Prime Minister has described vulnerable, displaced people in Calais as “a swarm.”

Adam Curtis’s beautiful, gripping film, Bitter Lake, unravels a story of violence, bloodshed and bitter ironies – Beginning with a fateful meeting between President Roosevelt and King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, Curtis delves into a mass of historical archives to shed light on Afghanistan & the west. Continue reading “Refugees WELCOME…No Borders No Nations”

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