Rapper on the Run .. Valtònyc, fleeing 3.5 years in Spanish Jail for anti-Royal Lyrics

solidarity with Valtònyc yesterday in Plaza Sant Jaume in Barcelona

Among the thousands jailed in the Spanish and Turkish political repression we report on the case of the rapper Valtonyc , Pablo Hasel and Strawberry in Spain and Ezhel  in Turkey

Valtònyc’s support group says they do not know where the rapper is
The Majorcan rapper should enter prison today for three and a half years.

Although the solidarity environment ensures that three weeks ago they do not know anything about it, there are strong rumours of the  rapper’s departure to a ‘European country’ and the police have stated that they will seek a Euro Warrant fot his arrest and deportation.

Valtonyc is one of the over 40.000 convicted by neo-fascist Spanish Gag Laws, and 6.217 for Insulting Police Continue reading “Rapper on the Run .. Valtònyc, fleeing 3.5 years in Spanish Jail for anti-Royal Lyrics”

Dozens of Festivals invite jailed anti-royal Rapper Valtonyc to Perform

More than 200 artists and personalities linked to the world of culture have joined a manifesto in support of rapper Josep Miquel Arenas, known as Valtonyc, after the Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of three and a half years in prison, to ask his “total and complete absolution”.

Valtonyc has now been invited to more than 20 Catalan festivals in protest for the condemnation of the “Supreme” Court.
The main festivals of the Països Catalans (includes Valencia, Baleares ..) are in solidarity with the Mallorcan and include  him in the programming of their next editions, opening the way for a huge freedom campaign when he cannot appear. Included is the most popular Catalan Festival
Primavera Sound de Barcelona.

The ”Spanish” Borbon King was appointed by the fascist dictator Francisco Franco after murdering hundreds of thousands of people to seize power for the far right and the church and hold it, with western collaboration, for forty years.

King Juan Carlos abdicated in favour of his son, supposedly for health reasons, but amid a cloud of scandal and derision, due to the prosecution of family members for corruption, elephant hunting while honorary president of the World Wildlife Fund, etc. etc. Now the Supreme Court (appointed via the corrupt right wing rulers)  demands a return to unquestioned obedience.

Writers’ group PEN Català‏ also criticised the decision saying that it “proves Spanish Gag Law is a serious attack on freedom of expression”. In a statement the group also said that it was “also concerned about the ‘chilling effect’ of this law on artistic expression”.

The second charge against Valtonyc’s lyrics was ‘glorification of terrorism’ in praising the historical terrorist groups ETA and GRAPO for their anti-fascism, etc. It is still taboo to tell the other side of the story.  It was ETA who unilaterally who finally laid down their arms . The Spanish State has always claimed a monopoly on violence and terror, even employing its own death squads against ETA and prohibiting Basque parties, newspapers, demos etc to this day, refusing all amnesty and reconciliation.

As in Turkey today the far right needs a convenient enemy to unite its rabid supporters, be it Kurds, Basques, Catalans or in this case rebellious artists.

Continue reading “Dozens of Festivals invite jailed anti-royal Rapper Valtonyc to Perform”

Spain gives 12 Musicians 2 years Jail each for Subversive Lyrics + Rodrigo Lanza jailed Again

translated from La Directa https://directa.cat/       The Spanish National Court has condemned the twelve rappers of the group La Insurgencia to two years and a day of jail each, accused of the crimes of ‘supporting terrorism’ in their lyrics, a sentence that automatically gives jail time. The High Court also condemned them to pay fines of 4,800 euros and nine years of absolute disqualification from public jobs.

During the trial, the Prosecutor’s Office argued that the songs of La Insurgencia “advocate a violent method to combat a system that [the accused] consider unfair”“Now it’s time to appeal to the Supreme Court,” said Saúl Zaitsev, one of the condemned members of La Insurgencia. But this will take years and meanwhile 12 people have their lives destroyed because some government members don’t like their lyrics. And of course many other artists will take note and self censor their work.

The case has been judged by the same  Court that sentenced to 12 years in prison Mónica C. and Francisco S. for the detonation of a ‘large firework’ in the Basilica of  Pilar in Zaragoza,  and is seen as part of the judicial processes against the supposed anarchist terrorism that led to the now discredited and abandoned Pandora and Piñata massive police operations. Continue reading “Spain gives 12 Musicians 2 years Jail each for Subversive Lyrics + Rodrigo Lanza jailed Again”

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