Election Farce in the Sewers of the Spanish State

Spanish translation by  Xavier Domènech, English by thefreeonline

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“Phones tapped in the name of the government party – Extortion, corruption, shameless enrichment: the activities of a former Police Commissioner dominate the electoral campaign in Spain.”

The Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger has published a forceful article on “The sewers of the Spanish state”, which reviews the direct relations of the Popular Party with the controversial Commissioner Villarejo and the Fake News campaign that affected the different political adversaries of the then Government of Mariano Rajoy.

Full text of the article

Neither the Catalan separatists, nor the immigrants who cross the Mediterranean, nor the enormous unemployment rate are the most exciting topics in Madrid during the hours leading up to the general elections.The most exciting topic is the “sewers of the Spanish State”: an abyss of dirty stories with extortion, corruption, illegal telephone tapping, false information dissemination, in which are implicated, above all, politicians of the Popular Party (PP), but also leaders of the Socialist Party (PSOE) currently in power.

The main protagonist is a 67-year-old retired police commissioner, José Manuel Villarejo, who has been detained for a year and a half accused of creating a criminal organization, bribery and money laundering.

Illegal telephone eavesdropping

A commission of parliamentary investigation is clarifying the activities of Villarejo, who carried out numerous dirty tricks as much for the conservatives as for the socialists, without either part knowing his double game.

He also did “jobs” for business leaders. For years he had felt safe, not only because he was protected by senior officials of the main Spanish parties, but also because he had gathered enough blackmail material, had made a huge file of illegally intercepted phone calls, had copied the diskettes and stored them in several safe places.El comisario Villarejo en el programa Salvados de La Sexta

Jailed ex-Inspector Villarejo spills the Beans..

(All kinds of political corruption are rife in Spain with politicians of all parties lining their pockets, and though hundreds have been indicted almost none have ever been convicted…ed.)

The method was simple: he bribed computer technicians from telephone companies, he could pay up to 1,000 euros per intercepted connection. Continue reading “Election Farce in the Sewers of the Spanish State”

Spain is a powerless Cash-Cow: vote for NOBODY

genova-rajoy2,000 public figures are currently named as suspects in corruption investigations, including the treasurer of the ruling PP, (who directly implicated the whole party and prime minister Rajoy), the king’s sister, Princess Cristina (tax fraud), and former economy minister and IMF managing director Rodrigo Rato (tax fraud, money-laundering and receiving bribes).Rajoy-adoptara-medidas-proporcionales-Gib

Nobody is resigning and hardly any are jailed, even for one night. In fact the ruling PP mafia are leading the polls, with a mix of bribes, threats and luck. Nobody dares says one word against the corrupt monarchy, rushing through a law to give the ex King perpetual immunity.

Nobody cares that we have 21% unemployment and 3.5 million unemployed receiving zero help or benefits, The tame subsidised media rants instead that unemployment has decreased slightlty, due entirely to ‘Kleenek contracts’ ofen of just a few hours duration).

Nobody mentions the astronomical debts incurred by gifting billions in public money to save the predatory corrupt banks, that will take centuries to pay off.

Aznar and Rajoy collage.
Aznar and Rajoy collage.

Nobody can complain, because in just 2 days a clause was written into the Costitution.. that debt repayment must ALWAYS come first, before schools, pensions hospitals, etc)..making Spain forever a nothing but a Cash-Cow for international finance funds. And Nobody cares that nearly 250,000 have been evicted from their homes to prop up the banks.

Nobody seems to care that race hatred and economic sabotage is being whipped up daily, ever worse, against the Catalan and Basque minorities, with the sole aim of conserving far right power and privileges. That billions are gifted to the medieval minded Catholic Church. that laws to acknowledge the huge massacre of innocents under Franco are abolished, along with laws to protect whats left of the coast and National Parks, that new laws now gag all dissent and police raid and jail anarchists and social activists without eveidence……etccorrupcionj

Still there is hope.. we have a NEW PARTY.. Podemos.. who have taken up the ideals of transparency, anti hierarchy, autonomy and feminism and SHAT ALL OVER THEM, selling out in every way possible to  gain some power, and mocking with the slogan of the 15M Take the Streets rebellion..that ”no politician can represent us”. Embracing militarism, monarchy and money.

Still there is hope..we have a NEW PARTY.. Ciudadanos (Citizens), the new darling of the State and commercial media, spouting revolutionary rhetoric while planning to rob us with policies to the right of Sarah Palin or Margaret Thatcher.


Join the anarchist electoral resistance..Vote for NOBODY.. because nobody can or will change this decadent society and predatory capitalism using the current electoral system.


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