5th November.. Million Mask March.. World Wide Invite

Anonymous launches video ahead of the

 Million Mask March 


By Justin King

The collective behind the global protest that will occur on November 5th in over 150 countries launched a YouTube video today to raise awareness of the march. It’s inspiring but seems to me aimed at a US following (all those US flags! ugh)

An organizer of the Washington, D.C. event explained that, as with many things within Anonymous, the event has taken on a life of its own. Continue reading “5th November.. Million Mask March.. World Wide Invite”

La Doctrina de la Austeridad depende de un ‘Error de Calculo’: Otro Fraude del 1%


Ya  sabemos que es mentira. La austeridad fiscal no soluciona la crisis, al contrario, al caer la economía sube el interés de la deuda que crece aún más, necesitando cada vez más cortes..

Pero ahora la política de austeridad ha perdido toda credibilidad. El trabajo de investigación clave,  que siempre se cita para justificar  la represión económica, ha sido totalmente desacreditado.    Hablan de un simple ‘error de Excel’ descubierto por un estudiante. MENTIRA PODRIDA. Nos piden creer que un estudio masivamente influyentes por dos profesores de Harvard,  usado para justificar cortes de miles de miliones, privatizaciones, paro, desahucios, etc., depende de un error de ‘omitir 5 lineas en  una tabla de Excel!?  Continue reading “La Doctrina de la Austeridad depende de un ‘Error de Calculo’: Otro Fraude del 1%”

9/11,climate,fracking.. The ailing Empire of Designer Lies

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE.. http://co2freefuelexistsnow.wordpress.com/


“It is deeply disconcerting that the oil industry not only has a swarm of lobbyists here in Washington, as well as in all the state legislatures where decisions about drilling are made, they’ve also got

‘truth’ is one more designer product

multimillion dollar advertising campaigns and think tanks”

Meanwhile a horde of ultra right wing bloggers, half of them fascists, religious fanatics or  ‘Bots for the Kochs’, have infested the internet, so you can’t believe anything there either.

For the similar reasons the US is the only country in the world where most people REFUSE TO BELIEVE in Climate Change that has been proven millions of times.

Anything but corporate profit is false by definition. Scientific proof is routinely trashed.

While FRACKING is being banned on health grounds in European countries “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is issuing a permit every two to 30 minutes, without having any idea what this could mean for the community or the environment,” Lo Basso stressed.

“The DEP’s own website has recorded 11 violations by gas companies each day, yet there is no regulation of the process.” According to FWW, 15 million people rely on the Delaware River Basin for their fresh drinking water. Continue reading “9/11,climate,fracking.. The ailing Empire of Designer Lies”

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