Police clash with women’s day marchers in Turkey (VIDEO)

Police clash with women’s day marchers in Turkey (VIDEO)

Police clash with women's day marchers in Turkey (VIDEO)
Using rubber bullets and tear gas, Turkish police have dispersed a crowd of several thousand marchers who gathered outside Istanbul’s Taksim Square on International Women’s Day, local media reported, with videos from the scene.

The “Feminist Night March” in Istanbul was one of the many demonstrations held on Friday across Turkey, demanding equality and an end to the historic oppression of women.

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CNT communique: Women against Patriarchy and Capital

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 March 8: CNT Women against patriarchy and Capital
Mujeres-LibresNo more empty word and hypocritical speeches. Heading into a new March 8, the union CNT has warned about situations of exploitation, unemployment and discrimination that women continue to suffer, “the main victims of the crisis of a system in decay.” Against this, the anarcho-syndicalist union supports the struggle against patriarchy and capitalism: “A revolution that does not have us in their ranks is doomed,” she underlined.
  Below is the statement of CNT on a new March 8:
One more year, one more day, one more day, one more of the thousands of ephemeris flooding the calendar. Yet this is no ordinary day. It is the day when women stop putting up with being victims of gender violence to become the heroines of the day, always with the tagline of “much remains to be done.”seperate_and_equal_mujeres_libres_martha_ackelsburg

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