Barcelona: 32 flats Occupied for Evicted Mortgage Victims

The Spanish debt spiral is still climbing. All social services are being destroyed or sold off to help pay the interest on gigantic grants to save the Banks after the collapse of their capitalist scams.  But the debt keeps rising.

With evictions still running near 500 a day and popular anti-eviction laws rejected by the government, community groups are beginning mass occupations.

stop evictions

A building in Torre Baró district  of NOU BARRIS has been occupied for evicted families or because they live in extreme precariousness
The property is owned by a subsidiary of the Barcelona County Council and has been empty a long time.
Photo: @ XaviUrbano… R.T. 
# habitatgepertothom 

Dozens of people, some members of the Assembly of New Districts (Nou Barris), other members of the Association 500×20 and neighbors Wednesday afternoon occupied a vacant building on the Sant Feliu de Codines street in the district of Barcelona Torre Baró. The occupants intend to allocate the building which has 32 ​​flats and was empty for some time, to housing families evicted or who are in situations of extreme insecurity.derecho a vivir

The block, which belongs to the company Regesa, a subsidiary of the Regional Council of Barcelona, ​​to be held in a surprise action citing activists on the train station Sagrera. The action is framed within the activities of the second anniversary of the 15-M, can be followed on the social network Twitter with the hashtag # habitatgepertothom.

The association 500×20 claims that Regesa wanted to sell the flats of the property at amounts between 140,000 and 200,000 euros or rent them for not less than 700 euros a month. In addition they claim the company spent a million euros a year on security guards to keep the flats empty. Finally they accuse the mayor Xavier Trias of spending 9 million euros, four more than the five that they cost to construct by ACSA,  on the acquisition of blocks of Regesa New Neighbourhood intended for teachers and students at the university of Barcelona, UAB.

Sense títol
Ocupen un edifici a Torre Baró perquè hi visquin famílies desnonades o en extrema precarietat
L’immoble és propietat d’una empresa filial del Consell Comarcal del Barcelonès i portava força temps buit
urban planning in Nou Barris
urban planning in Nou Barris

Foto: @XaviUrbano
Algunes desenes de persones, alguns membres de l’assemblea de Nou Barris, altres membres de l’Associació 500×20 i veïns, van ocupar dimecres a la tarda un edifici buit al carrer Sant Feliu de Codines al barri de Torre Baró de Barcelona [a la imatge]. Els ocupants pretenen destinar l’edifici, que té 32 pisos i estava buit des de fa temps, a vivenda per a famílies desnonades o que estiguin en situacions d’extrema precarietat.L’habitatge, que pertany a l’empresa Regesa, una filial del Consell Comarcal del Barcelonès, va ser ocupat en una acció sorpresa que va citar als activistes a l’estació de Renfe de Sagrera. L’acció, emmarcada dins de les activitats del segon aniversari del 15-M, va poder seguir-se a la xarxa social Twitter amb l’etiqueta #habitatgepertothom.

L’associació 500×20 denuncia que Regesa volia vendre els pisos de l’immoble per imports entre 140.000 i 200.000 euros o llogar-los per no menys de 700 euros mensuals. A més a més, asseguren que l’empresa es gastava un milió d’euros l’any en vigilants de seguretat perquè no s’ocupésin uns pisos nous i buits. I finalment acusen l’alcalde Xavier Trias de gastar-se 9 milions d’euros, quatre més que els cinc que va costar la construcció per part de d’ACSA, en l’adquisició d’un dels blocs de Regesa a Nou Barris, destinats a professors i estudiants de la UAB.

15M de Nou Barris
15M de Nou Barris

The Ateneo de Nou Barris (workers center) is a popular cultural center that was born thanks to the determination of the residents of Nou Barris to have a place where you are made cultural projects in the neighborhood. Although 60% of their costs are covered by public money, the Athenaeum is self-managed by the residents of a horizontal, democratic management through citizen through a partnership The Nou Barris Bidóare organized into several committees, as is typical in this type of management, and are based on work centers voluntario.La cultural survival is at risk because of cuts in cultural budgets. The Government is willing to do to triumph monetization idea of culture If you do not give money, no value“, yet our communities are much more valuable than its value in euros.

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