3rd day: Can Vies Uprising spreads like Wildfire # EfectoCanVies


Can Vies re-occupied! Rebuilding Begins! 30 May,morning.

Can Vies Rebellion Day 4 #EfectoCanVies

Strong protests in Barcelona and nearby towns. Riot Police reinforcements moving from Madrid, Valladolid and Zaragoza # EfectoCanVies

7,000 people converge on the Saints in the third day of protests against the eviction of Can Vies, the police State, and  capitalist misery.

can vies dia 3 hBlue lights , police , reflected on the wet asphalt Street of Sants, a big working class barrio of trendy Barcelona. . Endless lines of Catalan police vans rushing up and down.. dispersing the thousands of demonstrators who immediately reappeared… a neighbour blasting protest songs from a balcony.. for the third consecutive day , this neighborhood has burned following the eviction of Can Vies, decreed by the government of Xavier Trias, of an assembly-run Social Center occupied for 17 years. ..

(Can Vies was a local self-run Occupied Social Center, going for 17 yrs in an ex union building, with wide neighbourhood support. The Coumcil  ordered an eviction for a ‘green space’ to crush an organisation outside its idea of a sanitised, top down, rich only, capitalist paradise. They were warned many times that evicting Can Vies would be the start of urbaan warfare, with 70% youth unemployment. Yet the arrogant idiots went ahead and lit that fuse…..)
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Barcelona: 32 flats Occupied for Evicted Mortgage Victims

The Spanish debt spiral is still climbing. All social services are being destroyed or sold off to help pay the interest on gigantic grants to save the Banks after the collapse of their capitalist scams.  But the debt keeps rising.

With evictions still running near 500 a day and popular anti-eviction laws rejected by the government, community groups are beginning mass occupations.

stop evictions

A building in Torre Baró district  of NOU BARRIS has been occupied for evicted families or because they live in extreme precariousness
The property is owned by a subsidiary of the Barcelona County Council and has been empty a long time.
Photo: @ XaviUrbano… R.T. 
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