Fossil Fools to be sued for 7 million Poison Air pollution Deaths a year?

poison airOutdoor air pollution causes more than seven million deaths each year, according to a 2014 World Health Organisation  study – the equivalent of more than 2 Chernobyl disasters annually, with over 10 times that number of us suffering chronic health problems from poisoned air.

It calculated that, each year, at least a million people died as a result of ozone and over 5 million deaths can be  linked to fine particulate matter. Air pollution increased respiratory and heart disease risks, with the young, elderly and infirm most vulnerable.

The findings of an earlier study appear in the Environmental Research Letters journal.

Since the Industrial Revolution unscrupulous capitalists have knowingly exposed the public to deadly air pollution to increase their profits, knowing that it’s practically impossible to prove they cause the slow agonizing deaths.

But not any more!

Soon victims and their families will be able to take Court cases against polluting industries and the oil and vehicle industries.

Cheap handheld air quality sensors linked to smartphones are about to hit the market, (see below). Soon we will have air pollution maps and be able to say exactly what dosage an industry or road is giving us. Soon that may be enough to convince a jury of criminal liability. (see links below)

If the fossil fuel industry had to pay the real costs of their criminal business, in health environment and climate, and didn’t receive huge public subsidies, they would all be bankrupt already.

Let’s sue the pants off them!!

This may be what it takes to stop the runaway train of fossil fuel use worldwide.

Who doesn’t have friends or family dying slowly through air pollution linked illnesses…

Only when they have to pay their true costs will the buried alternatives suddenly appear, all kinds of renewable energy, of course, and another cheaper, safer, CO2 and air pollution free fuel, NH3 has always existed and recently proved again to work fine by Toyota (see here and below).

In the UK, for example,  about 40,000 people p.a. die as ‘extra deaths’ caused by air pollution, and the WHO gives a figure of 2,400,000  deaths a year world wide.

All these and the countless ill and disabled are due compensation from the greedy capitalists who use this technology KNOWING FULL WELL THAT POLLUTION FREE ALTERNATIVES EXIST.

Smartphone Sensors Record Timely,

Accurate Air Quality

Ioana Patringenaru, Jacobs School Of Engineering At Uc San Diego   |   March 18, 2013

pollution, environment, sensors

Credit: Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego

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This Research in Action article was provided to LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego have built a small fleet of portable pollution sensors with which users can monitor air quality in real time — on their smart phones.

CitiSense's air quality monitor
CitiSense’s air quality monitor

The sensors which are called CitiSense, may be particularly useful to people who suffer from chronic conditions, such as asthma, and must avoid exposure to pollutants.

Data from the sensors may be used to estimate air quality throughout the area where the devices are deployed — not just within a localized space.The goal is a wireless network in which hundreds or thousands of small environmental sensors carried by the public rely on cell phones to shuttle information to central computers where it will be analyzed, anonymized and shared with individuals, public health agencies and cities at large.

The CitiSense board is equipped with three different sensors that detect ozone, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Credit: Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego


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Just 100 of the sensors deployed in a fairly large area could generate a wealth of data — well beyond what a small number of EPA-mandated air-quality monitoring stations can provide. For example, San Diego County has 3.1 million residents, 4,000 square miles — and only about 10 stations.

“We want to get more data and better data, which we can provide to the public,”said William Griswold, a computer science professor at the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego and the lead investigator on the project. “We are making the invisible visible.”

The CitiSense sensors detect ozone, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, the most common pollutants emitted by cars and trucks. The user interface displays the sensor’s readings on a smart phone by using a color-coded scale for air quality based on the EPA’s air quality ratings, from green (good) to purple (hazardous).

Researchers provided the sensors for four weeks to 30 users, including commuters at UC San Diego and faculty, students and staff members in the computer science department at the Jacobs School of Engineering.

To test the technology, 30 people were given prototype CitiSense sensors to use in their everyday lives for a period of four weeks. Among other things, the test subjects discovered that air pollution is worse in particular highly-localized areas – it’s not just evenly diluted throughout the air. Not surprisingly, it was likewise noted that certain times of day are more hazardous than others. (A simple hedge or fence can cut traffic fumes by 80%).

Unfortunately for those of us who do our part to reduce pollution, it was also found that people who cycled or waited for the bus along a given route were exposed to more airborne pollutants than those who drove the same route.

Until now everyone just put up with it. Soon we will be able to make the polluters pay!

The sensors presently cost US$1,000 per unit to build, but the researchers are confident that the price could be greatly reduced by mass production – they could conceivably even be incorporated into commercial smartphones. Although the constant data exchange between the prototype sensors and their paired phones is a considerable drain on the phones’ batteries, that could reportedly be addressed by limiting such exchanges to spaced intervals, or only when requested by the user.

North Carolina-based tech firm RTI International is developing a somewhat similar gadget known as the MicroPEM (Personal Exposure Monitoring device), although it doesn’t provide real-time readings. The University of Southern California has also created an Android app that uses the phone’s camera to measure particulate matter in the atmosphere, but it doesn’t determine what those particles consist of.

Source: University of California, San Diego

Computer scientists presented findings from these field tests at the Wireless Health 2012 conference in San Diego earlier this year.

Since then the firm CitiSense has got grants from the EU and is carrying out a 4 year program  of citizens participation air quality monitoring in dozens of cities, including Barcelona. See pdf reports here…._for_air_quality.pdf

New studies confirm Poison Air kills

Millions each Year

2.5 million a year die for Fossil Fuel Profits

By Mark Kinver BBC News

Man walking along a polluted street (Image: AP) Air pollution is considered to be one of the major environmental risks facing the world’s population

Outdoor air pollution is estimated to contribute to more than two-and-a-half million deaths each year, a study has suggested.

It calculated that, each year, 470,000 people died as a result of ozone and 2.1 million deaths were linked to fine particulate matter. Air pollution increased respiratory and heart disease risks, with the young, elderly and infirm most vulnerable.

The findings appear in the Environmental Research Letters journal.

“Epidemiological studies have shown that ozone and PM2.5 (particulates with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns – about 30 times thinner than the width of a human hair) have significant influences on human health, including premature mortality,” an international team of scientists wrote…….

Global problem

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is difficult to identify the world’s most polluted areas because many cities with high levels of air pollution do not have monitoring systems in place.

Factory furnace, China (Getty Images) Heavy industry in developing nations is a major source of air pollution

“Nevertheless, the available data indicates that air pollution is very high in a number of Asian cities (Karachi, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Beijing), in Latin American cities (Lima, Arequipa) and in Africa (Cairo),” it observes…….

In 2005, WHO published its Air Quality Guidelines that recommended limits of air pollutants, including PM2.5 and ozone.

“Continued exposure to particles contributes to the risk of developing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as lung cancer,” the WHO states.

“The mortality in cities with high levels of pollution exceeds that observed in relatively cleaner cities by 15-20%,” it adds.

“Even in the EU, life expectancy is 8.6 months lower [as a result of] exposure to PM2.5 produced by human activities.” Ozone pollution is linked to breathing problems, such as asthma, reduced lung function and lung disease.

Feeling the heat

…….Using a model of ozone and PM2.5 atmospheric concentrations from 1,850 and 2,000, the researchers concluded changes to the climate since pre-industrial times accounted for only a small proportion of the current deaths related to air pollution.

They calculated that about 3,700 deaths each year could be attributed to the effects of past climate change on air quality….

from BBC report.

Pollution deaths: new techniques

unmask Oil criminals. (2011)

A  brilliant study by Hansard and Maher analysed a whole neighbourhood of Lancaster next to an industrial plant, with exact local pollution maps, distinguishing between toxicity from the factory and that from traffic exhausts. 

Professor Barbara Maher from the Lancaster Environment Centre, Catherine Moore from the University of East Anglia and Dr Juergen Matzka from the Danish Meteorological Institute analysed roadside tree leaves from a dual carriageway with 30,000 vehicles a day. They found that concentrations of lead and iron particles were highest at the height of a small child – 0.3m, posing some health risk at any level of exposure, particularly with regard to brain and kidney damage, hearing impairment and cognitive development in children.

Inexpensive tests on leaf traces can now show exact local pollution levels, and can prove the the exact source and composition of the invisible toxic chemical cocktail we live in.

The team led by Dr Barbara Maher at Lancaster University have developed and proven a technique  which measures pollution levels precisely by the resulting magnetism on plants. The results are surprising, just a few metres from a road separates a lethal and a breathable atmosphere.. Kids in prams are much more exposed than adults standing up.

Exact pollution maps could now be drawn and simple ‘pollution shields’ and hedges erected

Read the Study here

Citizen Air Pollution Monitoring

about to Take Off?


The next step  is to beg borrow or rent the air quality sensors as soon as they are available, pool the results, and combine them with information on health effects of airborne hazards, to create the INDIVIDUAL POLLUTION DOSE for living in a particular spot.

From there we can link to people who have suffered or died  in that place from those symptoms , and get scientific information that could stand up in court, to finally start to MAKE THE CRIMINAL TOXIC POLLUTER PAY.

NH3 green gasoline.. the Original Alternative

to Fossil Fuels a sister blog we are promoting the CO2 free fuel, NH3, which gives off zero NOx and SOx gases or particles when burned. Amazingly this alternative is cheaper than fossil fuelsand can easily be locally produced  with wind energy, air and water, and while hazardous, cannot explode. All internal combustion engines could easily be converted to run on NH3 , stored as a low pressure liquid in gas bottles.try CO2-Free fuel..NH3-

Amazingly until now nobody is interested in such a green alternative, which has existed all along.

Using petroleum and its derivatives we are paying just a small fraction of the real cost to the planet and humanity. If you include Climate Change and Air Pollution damage it’s  totally uneconomic as well as immoral.

Hopefully if thousands of people start taking  billion dollar Lawsuits, based on these new techniques for proving guilt, it could make green energy suddenly attractive.

Nature's Hydrogen Tank

note. posts on NH3 the CO2-Free fuel now have their own blog HERE..

Being Sued ALREADY

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