Spanish comic Facu Diaz accused after mocking PP corruption

Freedom of Speech? The Spanish regime has accused the comedian Facu Diaz for a video simulating the dissolution of the far right ruling Partido Popular,  because all are in jail for corruption.

”The day after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Spanish satirist Facu Díaz is ordered to court under glorification of terrorism laws to answer questions on the “mocking tone” of a sketch.

The comedian Facu  Diaz was accused Wednesday by the PP controlled Spanish Supreme Court for an alleged crime of ”humiliation for victims of terrorism”. The reason is that he satirizes the PP Party  in a 3 minute skit on Public TV, in which a hooded man announces the cessation of armed activity of the People’s Partyfor its many cases of corruption .

“This is more than judicial political persecution. The criminal complaint has more to do with being associated with Pablo Iglesias (leader of the new trending Podemos Party) than with the sketch. Had he done it from home and not in the Tuerka TV he wouldn’t have had  any problems,” noted Facu Diaz Public. The sketch noted that the Popular Party had decided to disband and lay down arms because, among other reasons, it no longer had anyone to include in their list of Madrid for municipal elections since all had been  ‘thrown in jail’ .
Judge Javier Gómez Bermúdez, presiding Investigating Court Nº3 at the National High Court in Madrid, has admitted a criminal complaint against Spanish satirist Facu Díaz filed by the terror victims association Dignity & Justice over a controversial sketch produced in October for his Tuerka News comedy show.

“This morning we found out the National High Court had subpoenaed Facu Díaz, editor of Tuerka News, for broadcasting the sketch ‘The PP Is Breaking Up’ on October 29, 2014″, said a statement posted by Mr. Díaz online.DiazFacu_Luchacontralosabusos

In the three-and-a-half-minute sketch in October, Mr. Díaz dressed as a pretend ETA spokesman with a black balaclava but with blue governing Popular Party logos in the background, and announced the Popular Party was giving up under the weight of so many corruption stories….

He mixes the announcements from behind the table—including calls for PP corruption prisoners to be moved closer to Andorra “or somewhere the food is good” and a statement that the PP would be “handing over its weapons”—with numerous references to corruption cases affecting the Popular Party and cuts to a mock interview with himself wondering what he is going to do now the PP is closing its doors.

Article 578 of the Spanish Criminal Code allows for up to two years in prison for glorifying or justifying terrorism.FacuDiazT

The judge has ordered Mr. Díaz to appear before the court to answer questions on January 15, Spanish daily El Mundo reported.

“Precisely what they are looking to do is to silence [me], so that I have to be careful when making a joke in case someone is offended enough to being legal proceedings. Well, they’re not going to limit me”.

The statement also quotes British comedian Ricky Gervais in Out of England 2: “Now there’s a witch hunt about it. Is there anything you shouldn’t make a joke about? No, there’s nothing you shouldn’t joke about. It depends on what the joke is. Comedy comes from a good or bad place. It’s for you to decide what that is”.

Both La Tuerka and Mr. Iglesias tweeted in support of Mr. Díaz, in favour of freedom of expression and against censorship. The hashtag #YoConFacu (“I’m With Facu”) surged to the top of Spanish Twitter following news of the court’s decision….facudiaz

Wave of solidarity on Twitter

The news of the imputation of Facu Diaz has sparked a wave of solidarity with the comedian in the Twitter network eventually becoming Trending Topic. Singers like Ismael Serrano, Ada Colau politicians and comedians as Berto Romero, among others, have shown their support publicly the presenter of The Tuerka News.”

Spanish language article here

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