Gagging Resistance: Rappers face up to 30,000 fine for Anti Police song

“Share in defense of freedom of expression”,

Two rappers interrogated for YouTube anti police video

 Now that the  puppeteers have finally been released from prison (on bail with serious terrorist charges) a new controversy over freedom of expression and the so-called Gag Law has erupted in Granada.

Two teenage rappers have been interrogated by the police for uploading a video to Youtube in which they criticise the security forces. It is Ajax & amp; Prok, two young people who began rapping at only 13 and 16 years of age and have gradually made their way into the world of rap.

They face jail and up to 30,000 euros fine each under the draconian new ‘Gag Laws’.

The rappers themselves posted an image on  the social networks in which they appeared both with their mouths hidden by  sellophane and a text announcing that have been questioned by police .

“Share in defense of freedom of expression”, they asked on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages where they soon received thousands of messages of support from their fans.

Nearly 5,000 people follow these rappers on Facebook where the news was shared more than a thousand times and received more than a hundred comments from people around the world:.

“A lot of support came from Argentina,” and other supportive comments such as: “power in defense of freedom is greater than the power in the name of tyranny and oppression”

“Share in defense of freedom of expression”,

In the lyrics of these young people criticize the police action. with phrases like: “Do not bite the hand that will feed them but that hand ordered his people to perish; I shit on your family and your whole fucking race, ….” and perhaps the most serious line which acts as a chorus of the theme: “what good are cops if not for firewood”

The video also contains images of Local Police in Granada which clashes directly with the known as the new  Organic Law of Citizen Protection of Public Security (one of the Gag Laws) which prohibits the dissemination of images that could jeopardize the integrity of the police and their families.

In particular they are motivated by a possible crime of libel “at the time of police work.” The video was recorded in the pre-approval stage of the aforementioned Law.noisey-la-ley-mordaza-tambin-persigue-al-rap1102-body-image-1455185218

the video was yesterday uploaded to the popular video platform Youtube with this statement.:

”The tech crime group of the nazi-onal police, very concerned about the real problems of society , presented yesterday in the crowded courthouse ofGranada the accusation of a crime of libel by both rappers Ayax and Prox, who on Wednesday were forced to give evidence at the police headquarters as you can see in the video posted on youtube .

They have been proposed for an administrative penalty for showing pictures of police, which would be prohibited by the new public safety gag law , any endangering of the integrity and identity of the cops in this case obviously did not happen, despite what the press fucking sought.twitter_logo_blue-copia2

All our support to these rappers for telling the truths as we all know it. Abolition of the gag, and death to the state and capital … if that can still be said, of course, with any freedom of expression and of demonstration now practically nonexistant. The data is there to see clearly: the police torture and murder here as well as in Beijing.”

original in Spanish

”El grupo de delitos tecnológicos de la policía nazional, muy preocupado por los verdaderos problemas de la sociedad por lo que se ve, presentó ayer en un juzgado granadino el atestado donde se acusa de un delito de injurias y calumnias a los dos raperos granadinos Ayax y Prok, que el miércoles fueron obligados a prestar declaración en la jefatura de policía por el vídeo colgado en youtube que veis. gra-raperos--575x359Han sido propuestos para una sanción administrativa por mostrar imágenes de policías, lo cual estaría prohibido por la ley de seguridad ciudadana, ley mordaza, siempre y cuando pongan en riesgo la integridad e identidad de los maderos, hecho que en este caso obviamente no sucede, pese a lo que la prensa de mierda pretenda.

Todo nuestro apoyo a estos raperos por decir las verdades que ya tod@s sabemos. Abolición de la ley mordaza, y muerte al estado y al capital… si es que aún se puede decir, claro, que las libertades de expresión y de manifestación ya sabemos que prácticamente no existen. Y los datos están ahí para poder afirmar con claridad: la policía tortura y asesina, aquí y en Pekín.”

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