Brasil: President Temer and his Rich, White, Corrupt, Rightwing Men

MichelTemerThe first day of the coup of Temer government is worse than any forecast: (rough translation)

A ministry of only men, white, rich, and the vast majority, over who weigh serious charges of corruption and / or attacks against human rights. Something not seen since the dictatorship;

Two initiatives already articulated: approval of outsourcing of labor relations and a constitutional amendment to repeal the earmarking of funds for social programs, health and education;

A minister of justice who considers protest actions to be  “guerrilla attacks” who became the PM of Sao Paulo on a ticket to kill the poor and beat up students …..

To complete the symbol chosen for the government. United Order. He who does not march with the “order” to “progress” (as an investor, which is the explicit desire to Temer) will take ‘borrachada’. The symbol immediately evokes the “Brazil, love it or leave it” the dictatorship. ..

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