Kan Bici rural squat center still Survives… just



Precarity: Lack of resources and sufficient financial means, poverty and misery
Precarious: lacking resources and sufficient financial means:

A civilian judgment which demands an “eviction due to precarity” is nothing less than the

frontal attack of the bourgeoisie against the poor, by the powerful against people who lack
sufficient economic resources to pay a rent and also lack properties. (note: the landlord of Kan Bici has at least 40!


The judicial apparatus, the repressive forces and the press are the tools of the rich
to perpetuate their power everywhere. Almost all the properties are in their hands,
they own banks, commercial centers, businesses, shops, houses and land etc…occupy

…And we, who are squatting houses they have abandoned, we are in the target point of the
bourgeoisie, they denounce and if necessary they kick our asses out in the fuckin’ street-
through their mercenary riot cops.

As they did for example in the 2012 with Kan Pons in Sant Marçal de Quarentella, and
now they are trying to do again with Kan Bici in Galliners. It bothers them if we do
not serve to them as an economic source (via labor, paying rent)..             and if we don’t shut-up before
their barbarities they send us their hordes of institutional servants to increase the social pressure
to a war level.

“Human rights”, “Democracy”, “State of law”, “Equality of all to justice”
and other bullshit propaganda they tell us every day…who believes in it??

In addition they are poisoning our air, land, water and destroying the forests!

We won’t shut up! We’ll continue to fight!
Kan Bici resists!

Galliners (Catalonia),

 en catalá y castellano akí> https://resiste.squat.net/?p=4539

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(Girona):Communiqué post-trial Kan Bici

On last Thursday 19 January 2017 the trial-farce against Kan Bici took place.

It lasted just 10 minutes, in which the judge as expected ruled in favour of the eviction of the squat.* This entire charade was accompanied by many legal irregularities.

This will be challenged by our part and we hope
that this appeal will be resolved  in a few months before the Court of Girona … and possibly give the opposite to the first sentence.
Meanwhile we are living patiently here at the squat!


…Always enemies of the global capitalist system of states and the capital!
There are no properties recognized while they are abandoned houses and there exists a struggle for the basic needs of the people without economic resources!

For all this: KAN BICI resists!
No to evictions nor expulsions!
After every eviction another Okupation!

The basic needs are
Housing Water Food Shelter Energy
Health Comunication  and Transport
…Free for all!

Galliners, January 25th, 2017

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