Fossil Companies Poison the Air.. we Pay, we Sicken, We die


 Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural pollute… You Pay

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  from Greenpeace Spain   All together we can continue denouncing the responsibility of the Spanish energy companies,. Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural for their air pollution, for the blockade of renewables and forthe soaring price of electricity, all with Government approval! We are tired of them polluting and us always paying, with our health and with our pockets!

Time to Act!

This morning we have faced up to the almighty Spanish power companies. We appeared at the offices of Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural Fenosa in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona respectively, asking them to explain the pollution and its relation with high energy prices. We have done it to defend our environment and for all of us.

27,000 premature deaths in Spain due to pollution.. A report by Ecologistas en Acción reports that 45 million Spaniards are exposed to contaminated air…….

sun taxBecause these three companies are choking us with their emissions, their waste, and with an exorbitant electricity bill as well as depriving us of the right to produce clean energy (due to the infamous Tax on the Sun) and to participate in an energetic model that they have designed to their liking.

And the most annoying of all is that they have the permission and the help of the Government, which does not hesitate when it comes to benefiting the three big companies that pollute our air, generate climate change, produce radioactive waste and decrease our quality of life.Este correo es seguro. Puedes activar la visualización de imágenes de tu correo electrónico.

Without the subsidies granted by the Government to dirty and dangerous energies, Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural would not have obtained profits of more than 5,000 million euros in 2016.

Spain’s Largest Electric Utilities Targeted in $4 Billion Fraud Case The money relates to a deal via crony govt ministers to ensure Spain’s big five regional electricity companies would not suffer ...

They are the top three in the ranking of the 10 companies that pollute the most in Spain with their CO2 emissions, among them emitting about 49 million tonnes of CO2 only in 2015. That’s why today we have returned them, symbolically their contamination in the form of more than 1,000 black balloons.Image result for air pollution.. the massive killer protest

Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural are directly responsible for worsening our health, while promoting an increasingly expensive energy system that condemns the most vulnerable to energy poverty with an electric bill of the most expensive in Europe.

And as all have to win, these companies end up including many of our politicians in their boards of directors, creating a vicious circle that does not put a stake in renewables and continues to reward the most polluting energies.

We deserve an energy policy that is no longer subject to the interests of large energy companies, such as Iberdrola, Endesa or Gas Natural. The polluter must  pay. And not the other way around.Greenpeace

Spanish Energy companies stole over 4 billion euros with politicial connivance

by The Free A real Mega Scam that reaped mega fortunes for the offshore black accounts of Spain’s ruling class.

Similar to the Contract for Difference mechanism used to fund infrastructure in the U.K.’s electricity market reform, the transition plan (costes de transición a la competencia, or CTC in Spanish) guaranteed the utilities €36 ($41 USD) per megawatt-hour over 10 years.

The scheme came into effect in 2001, but was halted in 2006 when the spot price for energy rose above €53 ($60) per megawatt-hour and utilities reaped windfall profits. By that point, four of the five utilities had profited far in excess of what was agreed upon in the scheme.

Endesa (now part of Enel) topped the list with an overpayment worth €1.56 billion ($1.76 billion). Then came Iberdrola with €1.16 billion ($1.31 billion), Viesgo with €434 million ($490 million), Union Fenosa with €275 million ($311 million), and Hidrocantábrico with €155 million ($175 million).

Under the terms of the CTC scheme, the utilities were supposed to return any overpayments to the consumer. They never did.Image result for air pollution.. the massive killer protest

Shortlist of Mega Robbery of Public by Spanish Energy Sector. April 2017

  • the revolving doors scandal’: whereby ex ministers and officials get honorary paid board positions for favours given.
  • The over 4 billion euros stolen with politicial connivance via a ”compensation scheme” where overpayments should have been repaid. (see here)
  • the ‘state secret’ of exorbitant prices agreed for imported gas,
  • the infamous Tax on the Sun which devastated the independent renewables sector and the illegal revoking of contracts and guaranteed agreed subsidies which nearly wiped out the booming solar and wind industry.
  • straightforward setting electricity meters to over-register during the 40 years of dictatorship
  • the endlessly generous subsidies handed over despite astronomical profits….
  • new contracts by Gas Natural to accept Fracking Gas from the US at fixed exorbitant prices beginning 2017
  •  by The Free
  •  original en castellano  de Greenpeace España
  • Endesa, Iberdrola y Gas Natural contaminan. Tú pagas

    Esta mañana nos hemos enfrentado a las todopoderosas empresas eléctricas. Nos hemos presentado en las sedes de Endesa, Iberdrola y Gas Natural Fenosa en Madrid, Bilbao y Barcelona respectivamente, para pedirles explicaciones por la contaminación y su relación con los altos precios de la energía. Lo hemos hecho para defender nuestro medio ambiente y también por ti.Porque a ti y al resto de la ciudadanía estas tres empresas nos ahogan con sus emisiones, sus residuos, con una factura de la luz desorbitada y nos quitan el derecho a producir energía limpia y a participar en un modelo energético que han diseñado a su gusto.

    Y lo más sangrante de todo es que cuentan con el permiso y la ayuda del Gobierno, al que no le tiembla la mano a la hora de beneficiar a las tres grandes compañías que contaminan nuestro aire, generan el cambio climático, producen residuos radiactivos y disminuyen nuestra calidad de vida. Sin las subvenciones concedidas por el Gobierno a las energías sucias y peligrosas, Endesa, Iberdrola y Gas Natural no habrían obtenido beneficios de más de 5.000 millones de euros en 2016.Image result for endesa contamina

    Son las tres que copan los primeros puestos en el ranking de las 10 empresas que más contaminan en España con sus emisiones de CO2, entre ellas emitieron cerca de 49 millones de toneladas de CO2 solo en 2015. Por eso hoy en sus sedes les hemos devuelto su contaminación en forma de más de 1.000 globos negros. Endesa, Iberdrola y Gas Natural son directamente responsables de empeorar nuestra salud, mientras promueven un sistema energético cada vez más caro que condena a las personas más vulnerables a la pobreza energética con una factura eléctrica de las más caras de Europa. Y como todos tienen que salir ganando, estas empresas terminan por incluir en sus consejos de administración y cargos directivos a muchos de nuestros políticos, creando un círculo vicioso que hace que no se apueste por renovables y que sigamos premiando a las energías más contaminantes.

    Nos merecemos una política energética que deje de estar sometida a los intereses de las grandes energéticas, como Iberdrola, Endesa o Gas Natural. El que contamina, paga. Y no al revés.

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