Fossil Companies Poison the Air.. we Pay, we Sicken, We die


 Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural pollute… You Pay

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  from Greenpeace Spain   All together we can continue denouncing the responsibility of the Spanish energy companies,. Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural for their air pollution, for the blockade of renewables and forthe soaring price of electricity, all with Government approval! We are tired of them polluting and us always paying, with our health and with our pockets!

Time to Act!

This morning we have faced up to the almighty Spanish power companies. We appeared at the offices of Endesa, Iberdrola and Gas Natural Fenosa in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona respectively, asking them to explain the pollution and its relation with high energy prices. We have done it to defend our environment and for all of us.

27,000 premature deaths in Spain due to pollution.. A report by Ecologistas en Acción reports that 45 million Spaniards are exposed to contaminated air…….

sun taxBecause these three companies are choking us with their emissions, their waste, and with an exorbitant electricity bill as well as depriving us of the right to produce clean energy (due to the infamous Tax on the Sun) and to participate in an energetic model that they have designed to their liking. Continue reading “Fossil Companies Poison the Air.. we Pay, we Sicken, We die”

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