Montreal Counter-info #2.. Autonomous Communication as an Anti Authority Weapon


“Cops Protect Fascists” Report-back
Frontlines in the Fight Against Islamophobia
March 15 in Montreal: Police Attacked, Kettle Broken
Anti-gentrification Vandalism in Saint-Henri
Revolt in the Youth Center of Val-Du-Lac
Enbridge Line 3: The Feeblest Head of the Hydra
Montreal Antifa Prevails: Would You Like A Beating With Your Happy Meal?
4:20 – Against legalization and Criminalization Alike
Police Protect Far-Right Demo from Antifascists
Business Invasion: A Tactic to Fight Gentrification?
May Day in Montreal: Some Critical Reflections
Hey There Yuppies!
You’re Also Staying In “Montreal” This Summer?
A Recipe for Nocturnal Direct Actions!
Street Demonstration Tips
June 11th: Communication As a Weapon
How to Safely Submit Communiqués

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Feature Stories.. Mtl Counter-info

June 11th: Communication As a Weapon

By now it is a platitude to speak of the isolation and silence that prisons strive to impose. Every week another one of our imprisoned friends tells us that their mail is getting fucked with, the phones on their unit are “broken,” or that our publications are being rejected with no recourse. For us, one of the most exciting elements of June 11, 2016 was the proliferation … Read More

From subMedia

Week of Occupations’ Kicks Off As Vacant Hospital Is Taken

From subMedia Montreal radicals began a “week of occupations” by squatting an abandoned hospital that they hope to turn into a housing complex. When the police attacked, they barricaded themselves inside. More actions are planned through the coming week … Read More

From subMedia

Logging Company Office Occupied

May 24, 2017
From subMedia This morning, a group of autonomous environmentalists in Montreal occupied the offices of EACOM Timber, in opposition to the company’s plan to log forest in the habitat of endangered caribou in Northern Quebec. In order to facilitate the logging operation, the government of Quebec plans to displace the entire herd of caribou into a zoo, a move which has been opposed by the Assembly of First … Read More

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Hey There Yuppies!

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info On the night of May 19, we decided to come together to attack the restaurant and bar Ludger, the offices of Projet Montréal, and the IGA supermarket in Saint-Henri. If we attacked Ludger, it’s not only to denounce the over-priced meals that they serve, but to attack the way of life of young professional yuppies who invade popular neighbourhoods with their cash, … Read More

The Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! Report for 2016

As we roll into our fourth year, Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! keeps gaining momentum. Our collective, for which Earth First! was a primary inspiration, began with the aim of bringing a culture of revolutionary ecology to the territories we inhabit in so-called Ontario and Quebec. Back in January 2016, we held a winter organizing convergence called “Vision 2020,” which brought together many of the most committed eco-anarchists in this ……. Read More

Forest Friends: Get (A) Clue!

June 11th, International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners, is less than a month away. Montreal will be participating by having a board-game night featuring an Earth Liberation Front edition of Clue! (June 11, La Deferle, 7 pm – check here for more info soon) Forest Friends: Get (A) Clue! is a game where players try to figure out the three main facts of … Read More

A recipe for nocturnal direct actions!

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info [For reading] [For printing, 11”x17”] “Direct action, simply put, means cutting out the middleman: solving problems yourself rather than petitioning the authorities or relying on external institutions. Any action that sidesteps regulations and representation to accomplish goals directly is direct action—it includes everything from blockading airports to helping refugees escape to safety and organizing programs to liberate your community from reliance on … Read More

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