Support actions for Spanish prisoners on Hunger Strike

Two activists hang from the Sarajevo bridge in Barcelona in support of prisoners on hunger strike. They demand the elimination of  isolation and release  of mentally ill and chronically ill

by Vicent Almela Guille Larios at La Directa                                                    Forty people have cut the main Avenida Meridiana in Barcelona and two have  hung themselves from the Sarajevo bridge. The Mossos Plice have detained one of the supporters and have identified the rest
A total of 18 prisoners and prisoners are of hunger strike since May 1st

A group of solidarity with the prisoners and victims on hunger strike  cut off the Meridiana exit to Barcelona, ​​in the direction of the C-17, and has unfolded a banner. 

The Police arrested a person for “attack against agents of the authority”, according to the press service, and has been transferred to the police station of Les Corts. Likewise, they have restored the circulation and finally the firefighters have arrived at the place of the action to  get down the hanging demonstrators with a crane. The police identified the forty by Sergi Rugrand

The action of this morning adds to the list of acts and days in solidarity with the hunger strike that since Tuesday by different groups of support for prisoners and prisoners which are taking place in different cities of Spain, such as Lleida , Santander, Palencia, Madrid, Gasteiz, Granada, Valladolid, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​and also during the first May demos in Paris and Toulouse, in the French State.

The objective of actions and acts is to make visible the proposal of collective struggle set up by a group of prisoners in the fight on May 1 to denounce the human rights violations that they suffer daily within the penitentiary centers.

With the last accessions by letter from the prison of La Moraleja (Palencia), and Carmen Badia from the prison of Zuera, they would be a total of 18 prisoners and prisoners on hunger strike.

The difficulty of communications with the outside, many of them with stopped or censored mail, means that, for the moment, it is difficult to know if more prisoners have joined in the proposal to fight during this first week, as well as the reprisals that they may be suffering from adhesion.

The list twelve demands ( see below)  includes such basic points as the eradication of torture, the abolition of the regime of punishment and isolation or the fact of being able to release the mentally and chronically ill.

Although the Spanish State has been condemned on several occasions by the UN Human Rights Committee for related situations, these violations continue to happen during the day to day of many penitentiary centers.

Just in 2016, 259 people reported torture in the prisons of the Spanish  State – according to the Report of the Coordinator for the Prevention and Denunciation of Torture – and 195 lost their lives, 23 of them by suicide.

Another claim also has to do with the assumption of responsibility for the deaths within the centers, which, according to the relatives of the victims, are often not accompanied by any death certificate or  explanatory document on how it has taken place.

The table with the twelve demands includes such basic points as the eradication of torture, the abolition of the regime of punishment and isolation or the fact of being able to release the mentally ill and chronically ill Photo: @BernatRios

This weekend there are also scheduled actions of solidarity, such as the convocation held on Saturday midday at the gates of the prison of Picassent in memory of Luis Manel Acedo – who died of cancer only to leave the prison without receiving any type of diagnosis or treatment within the center, according to the family, so that it would not “increase the number of deaths in prison in statistics”, and the demonstration held in the neighborhood of La Mariola de Lleida by the Prisoners Support Group.

Despite the communicative difficulties with the outside, the campaign proposal – which will last until May 15 – is creating for the first time in a long time a space for coordination and communication between prisoners and support groups outside, which they value very positively in the Tokata group: “It is still not time to evaluate the proposal, this will be done by the prisoners later, but the mere fact of experiencing this space to see if there can be communication and Encounter between the prisoners and the street is already very important and we can see if it works or not.

Spain: Prisoners Resisting Cruelty Start Hunger Strike on May 1st

        The distancing of prisons from cities and inhabited areas, the mental walls, the lack of conscience, the belief in a line between “the good guys” and the “bad guys” … we do not know what the reasons are, nor which of them has more strength so that we have reached this point, in which the people who are locked in the Penitentiary System, matter so little and generate this terrible lack of empathy outside.

We want to take out, for a moment, the voice of these people who are fighting. They themselves have written a proposal of collective struggle where they show “the situation in which we are systematically subjected to abuse of power, aggression, continued physical and mental torture, and inhuman and degrading conditions of existence in many aspects: medical-sanitary abandonment, labour exploitation, legal defenselessness, cultural discrimination, non-existent freedom of expression, etc. “

Faced with this situation; from within, from the incarcerated people, a proposal of Collective Hunger Strike has emerged to throw a ray of light on the normalized violence in prison, to reach “out”.

These are their demands:

1) The end of torture, agressions and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and the impunity of the priests in their practice in all the Spanish state prisons
2) The eradication of the ‘FIES’ ..the abrogation of this so-called “special regime” of punishment, and absolute closure of the isolation departments.
End of the dispersion of the prisoners.
That medical services are not attached to penitentiary institutions, but that they are independent of them.
The immediate application of articles 104.4 and 196 RP to all chronically ill patients without there being a requirement that they enter the terminal phase.
Regarding mental illnesses, we demand that they be treated appropriately in appropriate places and not in prisons.
That the “programs” with methadone, psychiatric treatments, etc. Be accompanied by support groups, therapists, etc. Independent of the IIPP.
That there be an opening of investigation, clarification and delimitation of responsibilities for the death of comrades in Spanish state prisons.
That the prison structures open their classrooms, workshops, gyms, etc. Formative and cultural access to prisoners who are treated as “unrecoverable”.
That ‘the modules of respect’ not be used as shop windows.
11) That the visiting families and friends not be intimately searched.
We demand from the courts, state security forces and various repressors do not criminalize solidarity between people.

The disinformation media will not provide coverage, we do not want it or need it, help us to make your voice resonate “outside”.

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Acció de suport a les persones preses en vaga de fam des de fa una setmana

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