Afrin Refugees need your Help: Solidarity from European Women

​​​​​​​As part of the “Women Rise Up for Afrin” campaign, the Kurdish women’s movement Kongreya Star is holding meetings in the northern Syrian canton of Shehba.
Text By   ANF News   and IC Afrin Resist‏             A German women’s delegation arrived in Al Shahba canton on Sunday to support the Resistance of the Age. They went to Berxwedan camp to meet with the refugees from Afrin, the camp administrators and the Kurdish Red Crescent.           ANHA #WomenRiseUpForAfrin
At the solidarity encounter
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Firat News Agency‏ @anfenglish       Meetings in Shehba as part of #WomenRiseUpForAfrin

Hundreds of women took part in a meeting convened by the Kurdish women’s movement Kongreya Star in the village of Babilis in the district of Fafîn in Shehba.

At the gathering held as part of the international campaign “Women Rise Up For Afrin”, a political assessment of the women’s movement was read. Subsequently, Hêvî Mistefa, co-chair of the Canton of Afrîn, made a speech in which she spoke of the courageous efforts of innumerable fighters in Afrîn.

“The occupiers will not reach their goal. For Afrîn there are big plans in which the international forces are involved. With their support Erdoğan attacked Afrîn. He wanted to take Afrîn within three days, but people resisted for 58 days…  ( continues below)


The lost girls of Afrin    Reports of rape and kidnapping of women continue from occupied Afrin.  The Turkish occupiers have set up their own Council composed of jihadi settlers and mercenaries. Wholesale robbery and looting continue amid continuing murders and expulsions and a guerilla campaign by the YPG and women YPJ self defense militia   SEE..

We did not decide to leave Afrîn for fear. We wanted to prevent further massacres of the population. As in Halabja, a massacre unforgettable for the Kurdish people was intended to be committed in Afrîn.

The people of Afrîn have proved their fighting spirit with their resistance to the whole world. They will not forget the fallen and continue their fight, “said Hêvî Mistefa.

 In the ensuing discussion, the participants individually took the floor to express their feelings and thoughts. In the discussion contributions, confidence was expressed to the defense forces YPG/YPJ. The women emphasized that the fight for Afrîn was far from over.



Call for Global Solidarity Campaign: Women Rise Up for Efrîn

Rise up for Afrin! Let’s defend the Women’s Revolution in Rojava .


#Afrin #afrinnotalone #StopAfrinFemicide #WomenRiseUpForAfrin @IC Afrin Resist‏ 

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